Oh god. The heart pounding, the sweat breaking.

She's here.

My car revs up easily, and I begin to chase. Ranette is waving and I pause to fling her a kiss and tell her I'll be at the reception. Then I speed off.

The closest thing to having a child I've had is in that car. And the best friend. And lover I suppose. Her car is no where near as good as mine, and there is no way she can speed up. But she hasn't realised it's me I don't think, because she's slowing down, and pulling up near a shop. My new car probably has something to do with that. She's getting out and I pull up on the other side of the street. I watch her slip out in to the shop with Lilianna, or Aisling as I was told she's called, on her shoulder. I slip out and follow her. As I reach the door I hesitate, and then realise making a scene is stupid. So I wait outside, leaning against her car door.

Five minutes later she returns...and freezes at the sight of me.

"Rosa" she whispers, agony on her face.

"Annie. Or should I call you May now?"

"Um, May. My name is May."

"Of course it is." Her eyes dart to the car and she realises that there is no way she's escaping that way. She'd have to push me out of the way with a baby in her arm and, let's face it, she's never been extremely strong. Unlike me. "So, May. Fancy talking to me a little?"

The End

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