May: OppsMature

I shouldn't of come back to America, I knew that. Even worse I shouldn't of come to Maxxie and Hadley's wedding. I didn't know Hadley but apparantly he was Cayden's brother and Maxxie had dated him before Hadley. Bit weird if you asked me but they looked happy but I wasn't here for Maxxie. I only knew him cause he was friends with Rosalita and it was here who I was here for.

"Mummy!" Aisling cried. I looked down at her seeing her large puppy eyes. "Hungry, mummy!"

I smile and pick her up from where she'd been toddling. "What chippy's?" I ask tapping her nose.


"Well, lets go" I say skipping off with her but not before Rosalita comes out of the building and looks my way.

"Annie!" She yells. I look back and my heart skips a beat. I turn and run Aisling in my arms as I do. "ANNIE!"

No, I'm not Annie. Annie's someone else. I keep running hearing footsteps behind us. "Lady wrunning mummy" Aisling says her voice shaking. "Why wre running?"

"To get away" I cry sobbing.

"ANNIE!" Why won't she stop chasing. I reach my car and jump in sitting Aisling in my lap and driving.

The End

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