Rosalita:A weddingMature

Maxxie was gettign married. Who'd have thought it?

So Ranette and I are right outside and rushing to get in the church with all the others. And although we'd dressed up, in the rush to get here we looked slightly less well dressed. I brushed Ranette's dress and kissed her quickly before sitting in a seat near the front. About two rows behind the family seats.

I was so proud of Maxxie, settling down and finding someone he wanted to be with. I looked across at Ranette. Would we be doing this one day? I deflected. I looked round, but the one face I wanted to see most wasn't there. Annie. Oh dear.

After all thsi time you'd think I would have stopped thinking about her. I enquired in to her wear-abouts. I pulled a favour from a cop I'd slept with, and she'd told me that Annie had friends, she was happy. But for my own good she wouldn't tell me any more. And for the law of course.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that she's not here. I mean, no one's in contact with her, and she isn't supposed to dwell on her past. So I guess there is no reason she should be here. None at all.

I still miss her though.

Maxxie. His big day. That is what I should be thinking about. Maxxie.

Congrats Maxxie old boy, you've finally done it!

The End

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