Hadley: NervesMature

The second me and Caleb got to Mom’s, I went back to sleep. I hadn’t gotten much sleep that night. I woke up around five times and managed to convince myself each time that Maxxie wouldn’t show up. Or that Caleb, the little asshole, would somehow manage to steal him from me. Stupid, I know. I got forced awake when it was time to leave, though. Saying that, the second we got to the hotel in Jersey I was asleep again.


Why did I not want to put my suit on? Me, Mom and Maxxie had all put our best efforts into making sure everything was perfect and here I was, afraid to put on a suit. Putting that suit on meant all this was real and I was fucking terrified. Why was I terrified? This was what I wanted. Fuck, maybe we should’ve waited til June after all. While I sat there freaking out, Mom and Caleb formulated a plan to get me into my suit. This plan involved Caleb holding me down and Mom forcing me into my suit pants, hoping the rest would follow.

My suit was fitted in all the right places and had only needed a minor leg adjustment. It was black but sort of like a really dark grey kind of black. If that even makes sense. It had a cream waistcoat with a pale blue vine-like pattern embroidered on it. The blue in the waistcoat matched the tie which was made of silk or something like that. And it just screamed Caleb.

They pretty much had to wrestle me into the waistcoat since it was a little tight on my stomach. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was too small or anything. It’s just it squeezed my scar a little. Granted my stab wound was all healed up but trust me when I say having a knife graze your kidney kinda hurts for a while after.

I looked at myself in the mirror once I had everything on and stopped breathing. This was really happening. I was really getting married. Like seriously getting married. Caleb quietly reminded me to breathe and I sucked in a breath but it was too short. Within seconds I was hyperventilating and Caleb was stood in front of me, trying to calm me down. What if he didn’t show up? What if he did show up but he couldn’t go through with it? What if nobody else showed up? Shit, what if I forgot something?

“Caleb... please tell me you’ve... got the-” I wheezed out and he cut my sentence short by pulling a ring box out of his pocket, smiling.

“Hadley, chillax. Everything’s gonna be fine” he said calmly and I nodded, relaxing a tiny bit. “Jeez, am I gonna be like this when me and Alex get hitched?”

“You’re planning on sticking with him, then” I said, still trying to calm down. Maybe water will help me...

“Of course I am. We don’t all need a sappy love story like you and Maxxie but I think he’s the one, y’know?”

“You’re only saying that cause he’s good in bed” I chuckled.

“Nah, man, I mean it. I fucking love the guy”

Which was when Alex decided to wander in. I jumped a little. How much of that had he heard? And where’s my fucking water? He chuckled.

"Hey guys. How's it going?"

He was all dressed up, same as me and Caleb.

"He's dressed, I'm dressed. I'd say it's going well. And you, mister, are looking pretty damn sexy" Caleb said.

"I could say the same about you" Alex smiled, kissing him.

Caleb kissed back and I found that water, downing a glass.

"You alright there, Hadley?" Alex asked and I flashed him a small smile.


He smiled back, patting my shoulder. "I dunno why you're nervous. Just don't drink too much or you'll end up needing to pee half way through"

"What if he changes his mind?"

Caleb rolled his eyes. "Here we go again"

"He's not gonna change his mind. He might be scared shitless but he's not changed his mind, has he"

"There's still time..."

"He's not gonna change his mind, Hadley"

"Yeah but, I mean, what if..."

He arched an eyebrow and I downed another glass of water.

"Listen, things will go perfectly. It's gonna be one of the best days of your life, and you two are gonna grow old together. You'll look back and wonder what the fuck you were so worried about"

I took a deep breath and he smiled, pecking Caleb on the cheek.

"I better go back and make sure his parents are behaving. I'll see you in a bit"

"They're here?"

He nodded. "They got here three days ago"

"Wow. I didn't think they'd show"

"Even his dad showed up. I think he might've been talked into coming by Mrs F but I've already warned him that if he causes any trouble I'll put him in hospital. He'll behave"

I let out a nervous chuckle. I hadn’t been expecting him to show up...

"Don't worry about anything except getting your vows right" he smiled, "catch you later"

“Oh shit” I said, feeling my jaw drop a little.

“What?” Caleb asked.

“I knew I forgot something”

I forgot to write my fucking vows.

The End

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