Maxxie: bad time.Mature

Hadley's gone when I wake up. When Alex notices I'm still alive, he pushes some aspirin and a glass of water into my hands, sitting with me as I down them.

"You've got..." he looks around at the clock, "about three hours to recover and get ready. And uh... there's someone who wants to see you in about an hour." I look at him suspiciously. Who could possibly want to see me? "It's a surprise, doll. Go get a shower."

"When the room stops spinning," I mumble, lying back down. Alex chuckles and gets up, going back into the kitchen to make us both a coffee. I close my eyes and try to stop the pounding in my head. Why did I let him get me so drunk last night?


While I'm getting dressed, I hear the door buzzer go off and Alex answer it. I don't hear what he says, but whoever it was, he doesn't buzz them in. He wanders in to make me hurry up getting dressed instead.

"So slow," he complains, throwing a shirt at me. I put it on, kinda confused as he grabs my keys and drags me out of the building.

"Where're we going?"

"For coffee." I arch my eyebrow at him as he pulls me along the street to a cafe nearby, too hung over to argue. He sits me down outside and goes off to get coffee, telling me to have a smoke or something while I wait. Which is odd, considering how many cigarettes the asshole's stolen and put out in the time I've known him. I don't argue, though, figuring that he'll probably fuss over me later when I'm getting ready and make me smell nice as well as look good.

He takes so long getting the coffee that by the time he comes back outside, I'm half way through it. I open my mouth to ask him what so long, when I notice that instead of carrying two mugs, he's got a tray. With five. I shut my mouth and frown at them. Before I get a chance to ask what's going on, I hear a voice I really didn't expect, and didn't really want to hear.

"Maxxie!" My mum sort of cries, not even hesitating as she throws her arms around me in a weirdly angled bear hug. I freeze up. Alex gestures at me to hug back as he puts the coffees on the table and grabs a few more chairs. I lift one arm and sort of hug her back a little bit, kinda freaked out, to be honest. Three extra cups. That can honestly only mean one thing. Granddad and my dearest father are also here. I'm practically praying that I'm wrong about dad being here.

I look up as mum stands back and sure enough, taking their seats are granddad and dad. I sort of sink back into my seat a little as dad flashes me a look that says he would rather throw himself in a pit of boiling oil than be here right now and that the only reason he is here is because he didn't find a pit of boiling oil to throw himself into. Well that's comforting.

"I can't believe you're actually getting married," mum says, apparently not noticing the look on dad's face. She takes my hand, looking at the ring on my finger, running her thumb over it.

"What metal is it?" granddad asks, trying to get a look at it too. I shrug.

"I dunno. It's not important what it's made of." He looks like he wants to argue with that, but it almost seems like he might've gotten his head around the whole gay marriage thing, because he doesn't push it. That's when mum notices the hickey that Hadley gave me last night.

"How're you gonna cover that up later on for the photos?" she asks, a little bit horrified at the thought of my wedding photos all having a purple mark on my neck.

"I wasn't planning on covering it up," I tell her. I mean, why should I? I mean, it's just a hickey. It just means we had awesome sex the night before. I gotta say, he's fucking sexy when he gets possessive. Maybe that's just me, though.

She tuts and fusses over me for a while, complaining about me smoking and how Hadley should've gotten me a nicer ring and asking what suit I've got and shit like that until I ask her if she can just sit and drink her coffee instead of making a big deal out of me getting hitched.

Dad doesn't say anything for the whole time that we're there, and to be honest, even though granddad, mum and Alex make an effort to make the time a little more friendly, I can't help but feel like dad's just gonna explode later on and let everything out at a really bad time, instead of letting it out now.

That niggling thought stays in the back of my mind all the way back to the apartment where Alex sits me down in the living room and tells me to wait while he goes to pick up my suit.

Now's a really bad time to get nervous, isn't it?


The End

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