Hadley: To Say The LeastMature

Originally Caleb had been in charge of my bachelor party, what with being my best man and all, but when the only thing he’d planned was ‘beer’, Cayden took over. It was just me, him and Caleb since they’re kind of the only people I knew and wanted there. I mean, John and Brent were more than welcome to come but John had Beau and Brent apparently had a date. He’s such a bad liar.

The three of us had gone for a meal first, much to Caleb’s disappointment, and eventually ended up in a bar. One of those flashy upper class ones with all the couches and those tiny little tables. You know which ones I mean. We were sat on one of those couches and Caleb was sulking. The bar staff wouldn’t serve him and Cayden refused to buy him anything other than pepsi. Same for me, actually. Well, he bought me one beer since he reckoned ‘I’d need it later’ but other than that, he informed me I was staying sober.

“C’mon, man, just one beer” Caleb pleaded.

“No, ginger” Cayden sighed, sipping at his own beer.


“He’s not coming back, is he?” Cayden asked when Caleb said he had to pee.

I shook my head. He’d already told me he wanted to go to Maxxie’s as well since they were buddies as well. More like he couldn’t deal with being away from Alex for more than an hour. I didn’t really mind, if I’m honest with you. All he was really doing was whining because Cayden wouldn’t buy him booze.

“C’mon, then, any last minute nerves?” Cayden asked, shifting a little in his seat.

“No, not really”

“None at all?”

“Don’t sound so surprised” I said, laughing nervously. Should I have been nervous about it?

“Sorry, bro. I just would’ve thought you’d be a little freaked out or something, y’know? I know I would be”

I smiled a little. “I love him and I know I want to marry him. That’s all there is to it”

“C’mere” Cayden chuckled, holding one arm out.

He wrapped me in a one-armed hug and kissed my forehead.

“You’re gonna make a brilliant wife”

I slapped his arm. “Why does everyone keep saying I’m the wife?”

“Because you’re such a woman”

I pouted and he laughed, hugging me again. Which was when I heard the yelling.


I looked up in time to see Maxxie hoisted up on Alex’s back with Caleb hanging around in the background. "What the...?"

Maxxie grinned.

"Isn't it bad luck for you guys to see each other?" Cayden asked.

"Probably" Maxxie said.

"Even worse luck if he went off and fucked someone that isn't Hadley, though" Alex chuckled.

I felt my eyes widen. "What?"

"I'm very, very horny" Maxxie giggled.

I rolled my eyes and he sort of reached for me. Caden hugged me a little closer.

"Tradition, man" he said.

"Permission for a threesome with the blondie?" Alex asked and I felt my eyes widen ever more.

Alex just laughed.

"Bunnyyyyy" Maxxie whined.


"Love you"

"Love you too"


He reached for me again and I slipped out of Cayden’s arms. Maxxie made Alex let him down and he cuddled me. I cuddled him back, blushing as he sneakily groped me.


I whined and he pouted.

“You gonna leave me with those two?"

"They wouldn't..."

He was too busy kissing my neck to answer.

"You wouldn't, right?" I said to Alex and Caleb.

Alex shrugged. "Only if I'm allowed"

Caleb grinned. "I'm insulted that you even have to ask"

I scowled at him.

Maxxie gave me the puppy eyes. "Hornyyyy"

I whined again but he kept up the puppy eyes.


More of the puppy eyes.

“Hadley, go before I take your place" Cayden said.

Maxxie looked up at him. "You're more than welcome to come too" he giggled.

"But then who's gonna feed Lola?" Lola’s his dog, by the way. He bought a puppy.


Cayden shook his head. "He's too busy with his date"

Maxxie giggled, giving me a hickey. I prodded him.

"I'm not s'posed to see you til tomorrow, Maxxie"

He pouted and I whined again.


He grinned and Cayden chuckled.

“Have fun, guys"

He jump hugged Cayden, pecking him on the cheek.

"What's that for?" Cayden chuckled.

"For being amazing”

He cuddled me from behind as we shuffled out of the bar. I sort of glared at Alex and Caleb.

"You guys owe me for this"

Alex ruffled my hair and I pouted.

"Hey, it's not my fault he's a horny little fucker" Alex said.

"Could've just shut him in a room somewhere"

"We could. But this is much more fun"

Caleb grinned and Maxxie groped me again, making me blush. He giggled.

"Not funny"

Caleb smooched Alex, groping him. "C'mon, this is boring"


Caleb was already shirtless once we were back at the apartment. Maxxie got my t-shirt off while Alex pulled out the sofa bed. I blushed at the idea of what was about to happen. Alex pushed Caleb down on the bed. Maxxie lay down and pulled me down over him. I blushed again as Alex started making out with Caleb, reaching over and undoing Maxxie’s pants. Yeah, back off, man, that’s my fiancé. Maxxie kissed me, undoing my shorts. He palmed me and I tried my best to ignore Alex’s hand in Maxxie’s boxers. Alex started jerking off both Maxxie and Caleb and Maxxie kept kissing and palming me. I kissed back, still not exactly pleased about Alex and Maxxie.

Maxxie shuffled out of his pants and got me out of mine as Alex stripped Caleb. Caleb moved on to Maxxie and Alex switched to me. I blushed. Alex was Caleb’s... Caleb started making out with Maxxie and Alex smiled, making out with me. He started jerking me off and Maxxie groped Caleb. I bit my lip a little as Alex pulled off my boxers, going down on me.

"A-Alex..." I choked out, blushing like mad.

He looked up at me but I looked away before I met his gaze.

"You okay?" he asked, coming back up.


Caleb went down on Maxxie who threaded his fingers in Caleb’s hair. Alex kissed me and I kissed back, kind of embarrassed. Alex smiled, going down on me again and I gripped his hair. He put a finger in Maxxie’s mouth, finger fucking me for a bit once Maxxie had sucked on it. I glanced over at Maxxie and saw him 69ing Caleb. I buried my head in Alex’s neck and he stopped finger fucking me, tracing circles on my neck. Maxxie started jerking me off and I blushed again. He grinned and Alex kissed me. I kissed back, trying to ignore Caleb sucking Maxxie off even more. Maxxie sucked more, still jerking me off, and Alex went back to finger fucking me. I moaned, pulling on his hair a little.

Maxxie started jerking Alex off and I found myself getting a tiny bit distracted again. Maxxie moved onto Alex and Caleb started making out with me. Maxxie went down on Alex, jerking me off. I felt Caleb’s hand over mine, moving down to his dick and sort of making me jerk him off. Maxxie glanced over at me, smiling before going down on Alex again. He moved to me after a while and I kissed him kind of possessively. He hummed but Caleb had to go and ruin it by kissing his neck. Alex stretched him and Maxxie jerked me off some more. Caleb bit his neck a little, making him moan a little.

Okay, seriously, Caleb. Fuck off. I kissed Maxxie a little harder and he almost matched it. I stretched him, finger fucking him a little when he shifted impatiently. He let out a moan and I smiled a little.

"How are we doing this, then?" Caleb asked breathlessly.

"I fuck you, and Bunny fucks Maxxie" Alex grinned, kissing him hard.

"No spit roast?"

Alex chuckled. "Up to Bunny"

"Whatever. Maxxie's mine, though" I reminded them.

"Shoulda made Cayden come along if we're not allowed to touch Max" Caleb said a little sulkily.

Alex kissed him again. "Be fair, they're getting married tomorrow"


Maxxie kissed me kind of hard. "I dun care how we do it, just fuck me already"

I finger fucked him a little more, lubing up when he moaned. He shifted impatiently again and Caleb giggled as Alex lubed up as well. Caleb kissed him hard and Alex kissed back, fucking him.

"I love you" I said, kissing Maxxie.

He kissed back. "I love you too"

I pushed in, taking my time with things but found myself glaring as Maxxie moaned more. I looked down and there was Caleb, his lips wrapped around Maxxie’s member. Asshole. Alex pulled Caleb back for a kiss and I kissed Maxxie’s neck. He tilted his neck and I gave him a hickey. I know that’s kind of an asshole-ish thing to do the night before our wedding but excuse me for being possessive. He moaned but that fucker Caleb went down on him again. Actually get the fuck off my fiancé. I glared at him as Maxxie let out a louder moan. He pulled me down for a kiss and I did so, hard. He nearly matched it and I fucked him a little harder, almost as if I was trying to remind him who it was he was marrying. He gripped the couch hard and I kissed him again. I started jerking Maxxie off so Caleb couldn’t start sucking him off again. Caleb moaned at something, gripping the back of the couch. Alex fucked him harder and I could tell Maxxie was nearing the edge. I kissed Maxxie again and he moaned into the kiss. Alex fucked Caleb even harder which was, y’know, kinda distracting. Especially since Caleb’s a moaner. I kissed Maxxie, fucking him that extra little bit harder.

Caleb moaned. "Fuck... Alex..."

As if on cue, Maxxie came. Followed by Caleb. Then Alex. And then me. That was weird to say the least. Alex lay down with Caleb, kissing him. Maxxie was breathing hard and the two of us were more content to just snuggle. Even if it was a tiny bit possessive on my part. Weirdly enough, though, Maxxie’s eyes kind of lit up at it and he snuggled up to me even more. I kissed the top of his head, ignoring Caleb and Alex making out next to us.

"I love you so much" I mumbled into Maxxie’s hair and he hummed.

"I love you more”

I kissed the top of his head again, making him smile. I cuddled him kind of tightly and he buried his head in my neck. I started getting a little sleepy and smiled when he kissed my neck. He cuddled me a little tighter and soon enough the two of us were asleep. I just had to hope I was out of there before he woke up.

The End

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