Maxxie: Stag nightMature

February and March went all too quickly and soon enough, it was the day before our wedding. Alex was determined that I was gonna have a stag do, even though I don't really have many friends. He said it could just be a quiet night just me and him if I wanted. Eventually I gave in.

He pulls me over to the bar, announcing all the drinks are on him before ordering me a double shot of vodka, prodding me until I downed it.

When he'd gotten me drunk enough, he gave me a piggy back over to the crowd around the little stage thing in the corner. There was this band on - y'know the ones that are like, about to make it, but don't seem to have gotten anywhere just yet? Yeah, one of those. They aren't bad, I guess, but the alcohol is fucking with my head and I'm quite happy to just sit on Alex's shoulders, swaying around.

At least I was til something makes Alex jump and I lose what little balance I had and fall off him. Ow. I see Caleb standing nearby and the huge grin on his face as Alex pulls me back up.

"Are you pleased to see me or what?"

"What happened to spending the night with Hadley?" he asks, planting a kiss on Caleb's lips.

"He thinks I'm peeing right now," he says, kissing back.

"I feel left out," I pout and Caleb blows me a kiss. Not quite what I was after, Ginge, but it'll do, I guess. I glance at Alex and decide it'll be a really good idea to climb back up on his back. So, giggling, that's almost exactly what I do. I say almost, because Alex has to help me quite a lot.

Once I'm back up there, Caleb gives Alex another happily received smooch.

"Cayden won't buy me beer," Caleb says with a tiny pout.

"Oh, I see. You come here because you want booze, not because you love us," Alex chuckles.

"I'll love you more if you buy me booze."

"Of course you will," he tuts, "I feel used." You say that, but you're walking over to the bar, and buying him a beer anyways, Alex. Fool.

"Thanks, sexy," Caleb says with a grin that I only notice because I look over as Alex hands me another shot glass. I throw back whatever's in there, beyond being picky about what I'm drinking. He watches, kinda laughing as I rest my head on Alex's.

"I hate you, y'know, Alex," I tell him. I know what he's up to. Give me a hangover so that tomorrow, I won't feel like running anywhere, even if my family show up.

"But he's lovely," Caleb protests, hugging me.

"I'm gonna have a hangover for my wedding. That's just mean."

"What makes you so sure Hadley isn't gonna have one too?" he giggles.

"Mean," I mumble.

"Blame Cayden."

"I will. Tell him he's an ass."

"Tell him yourself. He might buy me beer if I stay on his good side."

I grin, "I'll buy you a beer if you tell him."

"Yeah but that's one beer."


"More than several."

"How ever many you want. If I haven't passed out by then."

He considers it for a moment. "Fine. Deal," he says. I give him another grin "Beer." I buy him one and pass it to him. The moment my hand is empty, another shot is pushed into it.

"Trying to get him into bed or something?" Caleb asks Alex.

"I wasn't, but now you mention it..." Caleb prods him and he chuckles. "What? He's good in a threesome," he winks, leaning in and kissing the ginger.

"That's so tempting right now."

"Not sure Bunny would approve, though," he laughs. Do I not get a say in this?

"Y'never know..."

"Foursome with him, maybe?"

"Mmm. Cayden can film it. Best wedding video ever?" Caleb suggests and Alex chuckles. I don't care who's there and not, right now, I'm horny. So why am I not the one getting groped? I scowl a little and kiss Alex's neck, feeling my pants getting kinda tight. Alex giggles.

"Someone's horny."

Caleb giggles too, and I let out a whine. Someone needs to do something about that then, don't they. The ginger gives me a sneaky grope, making me whine some more. That's not helping, bitch. He giggles.

"Up for that threesome, sexy?" he asks Alex.

"Not gonna go get Bunny?" he chuckles. Don't debate it, someone needs to fuck me right now, and I don't care who. I kiss his neck again and he hums, taking Caleb's hand, walking us out of the bar. 


The End

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