Hadley: Pwease?Mature

Okay, Maxxie, as much as I love you, I don’t appreciate your wasted self to pass out on me once you’ve wrapped me in a hug of death. Cause, y’know, you’re kinda bigger than me. And I’m kind of being squished. No matter how much I prodded him or tried to squeeze out from underneath him, he didn’t budge an inch. Dude, wake up.


I eventually managed to get some sleep, despite the squishing, and was awake before Maxxie like usual. For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to prod him to try and wake him up. It was probably something to do with how bitchy he gets in the morning if you wake him up. Lazy. He was still fast asleep, curled up his little huggly ball and I was sort of dying a little from the squashing. An then as if he sensed my dying, he let go of me and rolled over. I took a huge breath the second he was off me. Hello air, I missed you. He pulled my arms around him and I cuddled up to him, thankful for the ability to breathe again. Everything’s nicer when you can breathe. I wasn’t sure if he’d woken up at all when he rolled over but he was fast asleep now and I moved a hand up to play with his hair. He stirred a little and I planted a soft kiss on his shoulder. He let out a quiet hum that almost sounded like a moan and I giggled.

“Wake up, gorgeous”

“No” he mumbled.


He whined.

“I’m bored” Which was only half a lie.

"Then do something" he mumbled again.

I tickled his neck a little. "You still have those days left over from your Christmas present..."

“I’m tired”

I tickled his neck a little more and he whined, half-heartedly moving away from it.

“Maxxie, I’m bored” I whined.

"Go unbore yourself then"

"There's nothing to do"

He moaned. "So why do I have to be awake?"

"Because if I'm bored, you have to be bored too"

"Can't we sleep?"

"Sleeping's boring"

“No it’s not” he groaned.

“It is”

I could tell he was nearly asleep again so I prodded him.


He groaned. I littered his torso with a series of half prods.

"Bored, bored, bored, bored"

He shifted away from me but I kept prodding.

"Bored, bored, bored"

He shifted over far enough that he fell off the bed, staying on the floor once he’d landed. I crawled over, leaning over the edge of the bed.

"Y'know what's not boring?"

He moaned and I grinned.


"Are you gonna do the fucking? 'Cause I'm too hung over to sit up"

"Dude, I'll do whatever. I'm too bored to care"

He sort of crawled back up onto the bed and I kissed him kind of hard. He kissed back and I pulled away, stripping completely in about a millisecond. What can I say? I’m bored and horny, that’s a bad mix. He kind of tried to get his jeans and shirt off but he was taking too long so I did it for him. He pulled me down for another kiss and I kissed back hard. He jerked me off a bit and I trailed a finger down to his hips. He hummed a little and I jerked him off a tiny bit. He groaned and I snaked my hand round to his ass. He shifted a little and my finger magically ‘slipped’. He moaned and I ‘slipped’ a little more, kissing him hard as he moaned more. He kissed back and I lubed up, setting up a steady rhythm.


I snuggled up to him once we were done, humming as he kissed my neck.

"Love you" he said.

"Love you too"

"I'm still sorry" he mumbled quietly and I smiled.

"Don't be"

He buried his head in my neck a I played with his hair a little. He was quiet. I hate it when he’s quiet. I can never tell if it’s content silence or awkward silence.

"You okay?" I asked after a while.

He sniffled a tiny bit. "Yeah"

I cuddled him more.* "What's up?"


"Tell me"

"I'm just being stupid again. Ignore me"

I chuckled. "No, tell me"

He sighed. "I'm just convinced I'm a shit fiancé still"

I smiled. "You're the best fiancé I could ever ask for"

"Good luck convincing me of that"

"You have a cute ass, you're good in bed, um... Nope, can't think of anything else" I giggled and he smiled weakly. "Seriously, though. You're amazing, Maxxie"

He closed his eyes. "I guess I'll just have to take your word for it"

"You are. You've put up with me all this time, that's got to count for something"

"What d'you mean 'put up with you'?"

"Well, you stuck around when I was too much of a pansy to do anything more than hug you. And you've stuck around every  time I'm stupid enough to convince myself you don't want me anymore. And then planning the wedding..."

He cuddled me a bit more and I smiled.

"See? You're awesome and you know it"

He chuckled slightly and I snuggled up to him. He kissed me, closing his eyes as I kissed back. I cuddled him even more, feeling myself start to get a little sleepy.

"You okay?" Maxxie asked.


His hand moved to my hair and I hummed. I planted a kiss on his shoulder as I drifted off, a smile on my lips.

The End

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