Hadley: Culver CityMature

Maxxie not being in the mood was kind of weird. Maybe I’d just gotten used it being me who did the turning down or something. Either way, it didn’t bother me that much but I kind of got the feeling it bothered Maxxie. I stood in the kitchen making something to eat the next day and Maxxie was smoking out of the kitchen window. I kind of wasn’t happy with how frequent an occurrence that was becoming.

"Thought you were quitting" I said, waiting for my food to cook.

"When did I say that?”

"A while back. Not in those exact words, though..."

He arched an eyebrow.

"Dude, quit"

He flicked the remnants of his cigarette out of the window before lighting another. I frowned but he didn’t notice, too busy looking out the window. With a tut, I went back to checking on my food. He threw his empty packet in the trash as he finished the cigarette pressed between his lips.

"I'm going to the shop" he said, kissing me on the cheek. "Want anything?"

"Can you get some carrots? Oh, and some candy"

He chuckled. "Sure thing, gorgeous"

He kissed me slightly and I kissed back before he grabbed his wallet and left. I was distracted for a while by cooking and cleaning up and stuff but after an hour, maybe, I noticed Maxxie wasn’t back yet. I tried calling him a couple times but there was no answer. That’s really not helpful, man. I decided to wait a little longer just in case he’d gotten sidetracked or had run into someone or something but when he still hadn’t turned up after two hours, I started to get worried. Where was he?

I wrote out a quick note just in case he came back and grabbed my car keys, rushing out of the house. I drove around town, looking everywhere. Every coffee shop, every mall, anywhere there were people. I couldn’t find him anywhere. Which was when I started panicking. Where the fuck was he? I mean, it’s not like he was doing anything that’d take this long. And call me paranoid, but there’s a lot of weirdos around here. I should know, I got stabbed by one after all. I drove around town again and again until before I knew it, three hours had passed. I gunned it back home, hoping like hell Maxxie would be sat on the couch watching TV. But when I burst through the front door, the apartment was exactly as I left it. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and decided to try him one last time.

"Maxxie, where are you?" I asked worriedly when he answered.

"Sitting on the floor having a smoke"

"On the floor where?"

He paused. "That's a good question"

"What do you mean?" I asked, even more worried.

"I dunno. I'm bored. A hug would be nice"

"I'd hug you if I knew where you were"

"Why don't you know where I am?"

"Because you're not here and you said you were going to the store about five hours ago"

"Did I?"

"...Are you drunk?"


I sighed. "Where are you?"

He whined. "I don't know"

"Why don't you know?"

"Because when I'm freaking out, I drive without thinking"

"What were you freaking out over?"

"I might have remembered how close the wedding is. Sorry"

"It's okay. You're safe though, right?"


"Don't say probably" Probably means there’s a chance you’re not safe and that there’s a crazy axe murderer nearby.

"I'm safe, I'm fine, I'm" he dropped his phone, "drunk"

"I gathered that much"

"Luff you"

"Luff you too"

"Even though I fail at life?"

"You don't fail at life"

"Bunny, I can't even give up smoking for you"

"It's okay"

"It's not"

"It is. I'll just have to learn to live with it, I guess"

"And who proposes and then freaks out over their own wedding, anyway?"

"You, apparently. But it's okay"

"Stop saying it's okay when it's not"

I kept quiet and he sniffled a bit.

"I meant it, Maxxie. It's okay"

"I don't think I'll ever understand why you still want me"

"Because you're gorgeous and amazing and I love you"

He sniffled.

"Maxxie, try and find out where you are"

I heard him get up and wander around for a while.

"Somewhere in Culver City. I think"

"Right. I'm coming to get you"

"I took the car" he mumbled and I chuckled.

"I never told you I stole mine from Mom and Dad's, did I?"

It sounded like he was too busy falling over to answer me.

"Tell me whereabouts you are and stay there"

He kind of groaned. "Somewhere near a park"

"Okay. Stay there, Maxxie"

He kind of agreed and I grabbed my keys again, heading for Culver City.

The End

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