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"Things are just as insane here, then," Cay says when we're done explaining all that's gone on while he was away.

"Right, which of you two wants me as their best man?" he winks.

"You might have to fight Alex and Caleb to be anyone's best man," I chuckle.

"Shame, I would've enjoyed it."

"Well, tell Alex to fuck off and that you're my best man then," I smile slightly, figuring Alex owes him anyways, after hospitalising him. He laughs.

"I'm not    that     desperate." I shrug a little. "Anyway, I think you skimmed over the wedding. I wanna know the details, man." Oh yeah. I might have not said all that much about the wedding.

"You're better off asking your mum about them," I smile. She knows more about what's happening than I do. All I have to do is concentrate on standing there and saying my vows, and on not running off. With a bit of luck I won't even have to concentrate on controlling my family. Still not had a reply from them about whether or not they'll be there.

"You let her plan it? Be prepared for over the top, frilly stuff then."

"I dunno. I left her and Hadley in charge of it."

"For shame, bro."


"It's    your     wedding."

"It's okay," I shrug and smile, "planning stuff makes me stressed. I'll be happy with whatever." Because I won't notice it. The only way I'll see it is through photos.

"You'll learn to regret that," he chuckles.

"Probably," I laugh. He smiles. "You want a coffee?"

"If you're making one."

"Hadley?" he nods and I get up, shuffling off into the kitchen. While the kettle boils, I have a cigarette out of the window, ignoring the tuts that it earns from the both of them. Shaking my head a little, I ignore them and get on with making the drinks.

"Is he    still smoking    ?" Cay asks, like that surprises him or something. That's it; you just talk about me while I'm in the kitchen.

"Yep. Nothing seems to make him want to stop." I roll my eyes. Don't talk about wedding stuff and I won't stress out. Simples.

"You heard your wife. Stop smoking," Cay says.

"Thought I was the wife," I smile, glancing over to see Hadley pouting.

"Well, if I know my baby brother as well as I think I do, I'm guessing he's the one that gets fucked every night," he smirks.

"Not every night," I wink, making Hadley blush.

"Oh?" I just smile. Well I'm not gonna tell Cay all about his brother's sex life. At least, not when I'm within punching distance. He laughs, "Didn't think you had it in you, Hadley." Hadley, bless him, just blushes more. I giggle, taking the coffee through. "C'mon then, has he got my amazing skills in the bedroom?" Hadley looks like he's about to explode. I put my coffee down and hug him, smiling.

"Some," I laugh, "I'll get them out of him soon enough," I grin. Y'know, if I thought Hadley was gonna explode before, it's got nothing on how red he is now. He clears his throat.

"So, uh, what else did you get up to back home?" Cay laughs and I giggle, kissing his cheek. He buries his head in my neck and I cuddle him.

"Why does everyone want to know what I got up to, anyway?"

"Because we told you what's happened here. And because it's interesting. And because you vanished without a word, so naturally we're curious. Would you like me to carry on?"

"Yes. It might distract you long enough for me to escape." I grin. "Continue," he says with an innocent smile.

"Nuh. Talk. Or I'll sit on you."


The End

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