Maxxie: Coming homeMature

While I wait for Hadley to finish in the shower and join me on the sofa, I sort of think back on what I said to that old lady. I'd said I might set up a cafe, and though at the time, I'd just said it to annoy her, the idea is actually growing on me. I grab the laptop and start having a quick look at what running a cafe might involve. I mean, I did business studies at school - how hard can it be?

Hadley walks back in, a towel wrapped around his waist and sits with me, despite the fact he's still soaking wet. I smile at him.

"Whatcha looking at?"

"The idea of running a cafe grew on me," I tell him and he smiles while I go back to looking at business plans and costs. He tucks some of my hair behind my ear and I smile again, remembering that it really needs cutting soon.

"Maxxie... did you mean it? What you said about maybe adopting?" I give him a kind of uncertain shrug. I didn't, but I'm not ruling out entirely. Maybe. "It's okay if you didn't."

"I dunno, Hadley," I mutter. He untucks my hair and tucks it back again and I lean on him a little. He kisses my cheek and I huggle him, earning myself a chuckle.

"You're gonna get your shirt wet."

"Why would I care about that?" I ask with a smile. As he giggles, I reach over and close the laptop. Everyone always advises against mixing business and pleasure, right?

"What's your amazing café gonna be called, then?"

I chuckle, "No idea. You can name it."

"Why me?"

"Because I said so," I giggle.

"Meanie," he pouts. When I grin, he pouts more. I plant a kiss on his lips, humming as he kisses back. We snuggle up like that there, quite happy to stay like that. I cuddle him a little more when he shivers, eliciting a hum.


It's about mid February when Cayden finally decides to come back home. 


The End

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