Jake: AndreMature

Andre moaned beneath me as I kept the fast rythm up. I really should stop fucking guys out of anger at Cay. I finished off and flopped onto the bed next to Andre. He sighed. "That Cayden guy really gets you angry doesn't he?" Andre says his breathing uneven and his accent thick. I didn't answer and he turned his head to look at me. I sat up and pulled on some clothes.

"I'm going out" I say simply. I leave before Andre has chance to ask if he could join me. Why the hell is he still there anyway? Most guys would get lost after having breakfast and a shower. Suppose he thinks differently about it. I wish Cayden thought like that..... Like he had to stay round..... Why the hell did I have to fuck everything up?

Suddenly I stop cause up ahead is Cayden.... and Taylor. Taylor has his arms round Cayden's waist and its my luck only he spots me. His eyes narrow before he turns back to Cayden. He takes Caydens face in his hands and crushes his lips to Cayden's. I find myself unable to look away... just watching. When Taylor pulls back he turns and looks directly at me which causes Cayden to look my way.

And its as he looks at me I'm able to move I stumble back and Cayden tries to get up but Taylor stops him. I turn and run. I don't know where I am when I stop only that its far far away from them. From the guy I feel like I could give my heart to and the one ripping it out. Didn't Cayden see what he did?

What the hell can he see in Taylor? He's a spoilt rich kid who pretended he wasn't till the point he couldn't get what he wanted. Well.... thats how I see it.

The End

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