Cayden: FroggieMature

You know what I wouldn’t advise? Wandering around Paris completely wasted. Why was I wasted? Because it kind of hurt to see Jake and that other guy. I don’t know why but it did. So off I went and got myself drunk by some miracle and apparently Taylor called me. I was also apparently staying with him, now.


I walked into the apartment Jake was staying at but stopped when I saw some topless guy in the kitchen.

"Oh, Jake that mans here" he called through to the bedroom.

"Go away Cayden" Jake shouted.

"Says the one who left the door open” I muttered.

"Hello, I'm Andre" the guy said, offering me his hand.


He let his hand drop when I didn’t shake it. "Jake's pissed at you and do you want some waffles?"


"Oh, okay"

"Thought I told you to go away" Jake said as he walked into the room, sitting at the kitchen table.

"I came to get my stuff" I said bluntly.

"Cupboard next to the front door" that guy Andre said.

"Thanks" I said sarcastically.

"Have I done something wrong?" Andre asked Jake.

"Nope" Jake said simply. "Can you let me talk to him alone?"

"Uh, Sure" Andre said and left.


"What’s the matter? You’re the one who said I should go off with someone else. Yet now I have you seem to hate him"

"Oh I'm sorry. I'll just pretend I haven't had a shit morning and go say hi, shall I?"

"Why was your morning shit, Cayden?"

"I'm hungover, everyone's been talking at me in French and the only reason I woke up is because some jackass switched on the sprinklers"

"You could have come back here" Jake frowned."It’s the reason I left the door unlocked"

"The floor looked comfy"

He sighed.


"I shouldn't have ran off"

I shrugged. "Doesn't matter to me"

"Cayden..." he frowned.


"Are you okay?"

I frowned. "Stupid question when I'm hungover"

He filled a glass with water and grabbed some painkillers. "Here"

"Jake! Les eaux froides!" Andre called through.

"Put on only the hot tap!" Jake yelled and I arched an eyebrow. "What?"

"Doesn't matter"

"No, go on tell me. You are still my friend, Cayden" he started making a cup of tea. "Want one?"

I shook my head. "I better get going"

"You don't have to, Cay" he frowned.

"Yeah... So, I'm gonna stay with Taylor"

He clenched his jaw and turned away. "Fine"

"I'll call you or something"

"You're going to Taylor... I don't think you will"

"I can't deal with this right now"

"Then don't either go or-"

"Can I stay?" Andre asked, interrupting him. Oh fuck off, froggie.

Jake sighed. "Or stay"

I grabbed my bag. "Peace out, bro"

"Goodbye, Cayden" Jake whispered and left the room.

I shut the door behind me and sighed. What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

The End

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