Jake: Just an IdiotMature

"Any luck?" he asks.

I hold back a small laugh. "A bit" I say. Cayden smiles. "You say, right?"

He nods. "I saw"

"Hmm, not jealous" I say with a smirk. Cayden hesitate for a sec and I begin to think he might not say no until he does.


"Well, guess thats a good thing" I say simply.

"Am I gonna need ear plugs tonight then?" He says with a laugh. Dude, seriously please stop pulling on the small string that holds back my feelings for you.

"No, he's not coming over. I left him in the bathroom cubicle" I say with a smirk. I mean good memories exist in the bathroom cubicle between me and Cayden. Surely, he'll get the meaning I'm trying to put through as well.

"Harsh, man" Cayden tells me.

"No, its not. He hasn't been with a guy before and hell he wasn't desperate for it enough" I say with a smile.

"Go find someone else then" He says.

"Dude, my limits been pushed to one guy" I say. Cayden raises his eyebrow and I roll my eyes. "Come on, lets go"

Cayden sighs. "Fine" He says finishing his beer. When we get out of the bar for some strange reason I turn and hug Cayden. He chuckles before hugging back. "Whats was that for?"

"Trying to get on your good side" I say with a smirk. Cayden rolls his eyes and I chuckle. "Being on your good side will help my needs" I stick out my tongue and wink. Cayden tuts.

"What do you want?" He asks.

"Sex" I say boldly. Cayden groans. "What you asked what I wanted?"

"Fine, I'll buy you a whore" He says.

"Uh, thats wrong" I say my face turning discusted.

"How so?"

"Sleeping with someone I don't know.... nope, ain't happening. I'd rather pay you" I say simply. Cayden groans.

"Jake, I'm not sleeping with you" He tells me.

I huff quite annoyed. "Your evil. I went out and flirted with guys cause you told me to" I moan.

"You were supposed to bring one of them home, though" He says.

"Whats the difference to me sleeping with one of them or you. I'd actually like sleeping with you more" I say nodding.

"You're s'posed to be getting over me"  

"Pfft, dude, you didn't even sleep with me yesterday and I'm still fine. PLEASE!" I beg. Seriously get the hint, dude, I'm learning to deal with being right next to you and not breaking down.

"No, Jake" He says.

"You'd sleep with anyone else" I say simply before walking off.

"Don't assume you know so much about me" Cayden says.

"Then tell me. If right now I didn't know how I felt and I was just a friend would you sleep with me?" I ask.


"Well, I guess I am just an idiot falling for you" I say then begin to run.

The End

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