Jake: Nothing but EverythingMature

I moaned as I woke up and then realised that my body was curled up to another. I quickly realised it was Cayden's and hummed happily. I kept my eyes close as I wrapped my arm tighter round his waist. "Good morning" I mumble.

"Well someone's certainly a lot happier" Cayden says.

"Is that a bad thing?" I ask holding back a yawn.

"No" he replies. I nod happily then find myself yawning. I find myself snuggling up more to his side enjoying just this. I don't care if it means nothing to him because at the moment it means everything to me. "I'm incharge of breakfast today"

"What time is it?" I ask already reaching across Cayden to grab the alarm off the night stand. I moan annoyed at the length of time I've slept. "You should of woke me up"

"I didn't want to" Cayden tells me. I huff finding myself pouting before collapsing onto the bed next to Cayden. He chuckles then gets up going to make breakfast.

"I think your boxers are beneath the sofa" I call after him and actually find myself giggling. What am I a girl? Seriously but this strangely is funny.

"Who needs boxers?" Cayden yells back.

"You do cause I'm still horny" I say walking into the kitchen wrapped in a blanket. "Although, thats my problem that might reflect on you"

"Keep your eyes above my shoulder and everything'll be fine" Cayden says cooking. I can't see what but it smells quite nice. I don't listen to his advice.

"What is I don't want to you have a cute ass" I say smirking a little.

"So I've been told"

I find myself laughing freely and take the opportunity to walk up to Cayden to hug him from behind. "Thank you again" I mumble resting my head on his shoulder.

"Like I said, no problem. Just don't get the wrong impression" He says his face going concered. I find it sort of cute at the same time finding his words sort of painful to here. I mean I like being like this but he doesn't want anything more like I do and thats quite upseting.

"I won't" I mumble. "Has Mr. Spoilt Brat called?" I continue to hug Cayden from behind tightly enjoying this allowed closeness.

"I don't know a Mr.Spoilt Brat" Cayden says. I sigh heavily.

"Has Taylor called?" I say through my teeth.

"Not yet"

"So he will then" I say kissing Cayden's neck. "Can a repeat of last night happen before he does?"

Cayden chuckles. "Nope, its breakfast time" he tells me simply. I pout. Stupid pancakes, how did I not work that out earlier I don't know.

"Boo" I say continueing to kiss his neck. "After breakfast?" I add sweetly. Cayden chuckles again.


I pout. "Can I repeat last night?"

"Sure. We just need to find you someone to repeat it with" He says with a smile.

"Dude, I meant my half"

"Still applies" He says eating some of his pancake.

"I don't want another person" I mumble.

"Jake" Cayden sighs.

"What? Finding someone else requires going out" I mumble pouting.

"And we're going out" Cayden says with a nod. I huff.

"Your annoying" I mutter walking off. I go back to the bedroom where I lie down and think of going back to sleep.

"Get use to it" He says and I know he continues to eat.

"I'm only going out if I get a reward" I call back through remaining in the bedroom and not wanting to get up.

"You'll get a reward if you find a nice guy" Cayden tells me. Not gonna work, mate, thought you'd of learned that.

I huff heavily. "I don't wanna" I mutter.

"Not even if I make you?" Cayden asks.

"Make me what?" I mumble.

"Go out and find a nice guy" he says.

"Normal guys are boring" I say.

"Are they?"

"Yeah" I sigh heavily. "Guess your not going to give up so lets get going then"

The End

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