Cayden: A Lot Of ThingsMature

"No one ever said that"

He got up. "Cayden, why are you here? Just to keep me company? Cause I don't care shit about that since my heart’s been ripped out by my ex”

I sighed. "I'll leave if you really want me to" I won’t feel right about it but I’ll go.

"I just don't get it. Why your here? Why Taylor has to follow you like a lost puppy?" he sighed. "I want to know what I did wrong for everything to fuck up around me"

I hugged him. "I'm here because you're my friend. Taylor followed me because he's jealous of you"

"Why the fuck is he jealous of me? He has you at the moment" he said, hugging back.

He nuzzled my neck and I shivered a little. What, his nose was cold.

"Nobody has me at the moment, idiot”

He mumbled that Taylor did but otherwise stayed quiet, pressing his nose against my neck even more.

How does he have me? Who am I stood here hugging?"

"Me and can we talk about something else?" he asked, hugging me tight.

"Like what?"

"I don't know, silly stuff. Like your strange obsession with Spongebob"

"There's nothing wrong with Spongebob"

"Yeah but it’s a kids show. Besides I think it’s strange that if it was on, I could do anything and you wouldn't pay attention" he said, raising an eyebrow.

"That's not strictly true"

"Hmm, how so?" he nuzzled my neck again.

"There's plenty of things that I wouldn't let you do"

"List them"

"Fuck me, steal my stuff, kidnap my goldfish... who I don't have any more, go anywhere near my kitchen, umm..."

"I'd like the first one though" he pouted against my neck.

"Too bad"

"Meanie but not any difference" he hugged me tighter and I chuckled.

“Alright, so that's Spongebob out of the way. Anything else?"

"...If I asked you nicely would you let me fuck you?" he asked, his face still buried in my neck.

"Nope, sorry"

"Pwease" he kissed my neck.


He sighed. "Fine... if I ask you to fuck me would you?"

I pulled back a little. "You know I don't want to hurt you, Jake"

"I'm horny" he buried his head in my neck and I smirked.

"You have hands”

"Hmm, it’s not the same"

"Go out and find someone, then" I chuckled and he pouted.

"But your right here and I tried going to a club yesterday... the guys here are weird"

"I think the word you're looking for is French"

"Fine, the french are weird. Pweasy Cayden. I'l be rweal good" he said, putting on a baby-like voice.

"Okay, now that's just creepy"

He laughed and kissed my shoulder. "We seemed to have gone through this discussion before"

"I'll blow you, Jake, but that's my limit"

"Hmmph, why?"

"Because I'm not gonna hurt you"

"Well, this time I really don't fucking care cause I'm too damn horny" he pouted.

"I mean it, Jake. I'll blow you but that's it"

He sighed and pouted again. "Fine"

I rolled my eyes at the look on his face and he kissed me hard. I sort of kissed back.

"Didn't know your dick was in your mouth"

"It’s not" he laughed and kissed me again, undoing his pants.

The second his pants were down, I sucked him off. I didn’t want to drag things out any longer than I had to because all this felt extremely fucking wrong. He moaned and I swallowed it all once he came, glad to have it over with. But he suddenly pinned me to the floor, undoing my pants and going down on me. I threaded my fingers through his hair and he moaned, making me chuckle. He swallowed once he was done, coming back up for a kiss before snuggling into my side. I put an arm round him and he hummed, grabbing a blanket off the couch.

"Its cold" he said.

"It's not, you lightweight"

"Is so. At least you have shirt on"

"Put a shirt on then, idiot"

"Its outside on the balcony and I'm pretty happy right here in this blanket so..." he stuck out his tongue and I chuckled.”Cayden..."


"Thank you"

I smiled. "No problem"

He trailed a finger down my chest. "Stay please"


He hummed. “Good"

He let his hand rest on my hip and rubbed circles in it.

"That okay?" he asked, still rubbing my hip.

I hummed and he smirked, burying his head in my neck. He kept rubbing at my hip and I shut my eyes. I opened an eye when I felt him put the blanket over me.

"What're you doing?"

"Going to sleep"

I chuckled.

"You're welcome to get us to the bed but you'll have to carry me cause I ain't carrying you again" he said, kissing my collar bone.

I tutted and carried him to the bed and he hummed, hugging my neck.

I chuckled a tiny bit. "Jake, let go"

"Lie down with me"

"Jake" I kind of whined.

"What? You said you'd stay"

"Yeah but I meant on the couch or something"

"Dude, I'm not gonna do anything asleep so just lie down"

I lay down with a sigh and he curled up against me, falling asleep in no time. Wish it was as easy for me, buddy”

The End

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