Maxxie: tan linesMature

"I'm gonna get a tan line around my cast," I complain, shutting my eyes against the bright sunlight. Call me vain, but it's not gonna be on much longer.  I don't like tan lines. They look weird.

Hadley laughs, "Poor baby." I pout, cracking one eye open enough to see him grinning at me. We lie there, just chilling out. I dunno about him, but I'm getting sleepy again, lying out in the sun like this. There're some kids nearby playing volleyball or something. I don't like the idea of their ball hitting me much, to be honest.

"If they hit me with that ball, I'm going to castrate them," I mumble, earning myself a prod.

"Shush, they're having fun." My eyes open and I feel my face twist into a kind of horrified expression.

"I'm turning into my granddad." He laughs again. That's not helping, man. He doesn't stop laughing, and though I think he's trying to, he's failing. "Not funny!" I whine.

"Oh it's funny." I roll onto my side.

"M'not talking to you now."

"Okay." I lie there in a huffy silence and Hadley goes back to being chilled out. "I'm going swimming, grumpypants," he says after a while. I roll onto my back again and look over at him. "You're more than welcome to join me." I hold up my hand at him. I'm not getting up unless he pulls me up. He just looks at it. "I'm not pulling you up." I drop my hand back down to my side. "Coming?" he walks off while I consider it. I could do. That would also involve getting a lot of salt water in my cast. That could be interesting.

I sit up and watch him walking off, distracted from moving anywhere by his ass. Nom.

He gives me the finger and I smile slightly to myself, getting off my butt and catching up with him. I walk behind him, still saying nothing to him. He reaches back and takes my hand, smiling as I squeeze it. I smile too. And then we're in the water. I can't say I swim in the sea all that often. I mean, where do you swim to? Can't really do lengths, can you.

Either way, we swim for a while. And then he disappears under the water. I look around, feeling a sort of panic begin to sink in. Cali has sharks, doesn't it? So what if only twelve people have been killed by a shark in Cali in ninety years? I'm allowed to be irrational when my fiancé disappears underwater.

When a pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind, I jump about a mile. He giggles and I can't seem to get the look of horror off my face. "Bet you forgot I was a shark." I turn in his arms and hug him. He smiles. "I don't think you're s'posed to hug sharks."

"I don't think you're s'posed to fuck them or marry them, either," I chuckle a little. He giggles and I smile. He huggles me more, biting down on my shoulder gently. "Hungry?" I laugh.

"I'm a shark. Sharks eat stuff." I nod. Because eating your fiancé's shoulder makes perfect sense. "There's nothing out here to eat but you," he giggles and I smile.

"Do I taste good?" he bites me again.


"Well don't eat me all in one go," I grin, "save some for later." He giggles again and gives me a hickey. I pout a little and he gives me this innocent smile.

We eventually head back to the towels and snuggle up together. I notice his arm across my stomach and smile a little. "... You're gonna give me a tan line."


The End

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