Jake: Leaving with no goodbyeMature

I sat in the taxi staring out the window. Was I doing the right thing? Had I done the right thing? Probably not but I was sticking with my choice whether I believed it to be right or not.

I had left a note for Cayden when he woke up with a case sitting beneath it. Only a small brief case. I believe the not red:

Dear Cayden,

Sorry I left without waiting for you to wake up but I knew you'd try to come with me. The case below this note contains enough money to get a plane directly to Gage's resting place.

.... There's also a bit extra is you would like to come visit me join me on my travels. I would like the company and I know it might not be right since you know my feelings. If you don't want to come to see me... then I'll know cause I only remain in Paris for 11 days.

Also theres my number at the bottom here. My phone will be off till tommorow.


What I'm worried about is him trying to come after me. I really don't want him to.

The End

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