Maxxie: ringsMature

When I wake up, I'm welcomed back into consciousness with a kiss. I kiss back sleepily, not quite wanting to wake up. I'm comfy where I am, thanks.

"Morning," he smiles, and I sort of look around at the light streaming in through the window, almost wondering for a moment how it got to morning so quickly. He plays with my hair and I snuggle back up to him, earning myself a giggle and a kiss on the top of my head. I wrap my arms around him in a cuddle. He keeps playing with my hair and I feel myself getting close to drifting off again. He doesn't seem to mind and doesn't do anything to stop me from dozing for a while.

At some point while I was asleep again, he managed to get free from me and went to go get the laptop. I have a peek at the screen to see what he's doing and half shut my eyes again when I see he's looking at wedding rings.

"We're doing this today, mister," he tells me, prodding me. I pout, but he's not gonna take no for an answer today. "You can pout all you want, we're still doing it. Otherwise we're just gonna keep putting it off and before you know it, it'll be the wedding." I groan a little, my stomach twisting at the mention of the wedding. He prods me again and I look at him.


"C'mon, I found some really pretty ones." I shift so I can see the screen and he shows me the rings he's found. I'll admit there're some pretty ones there. Most of them don't even go even as far as $300, let alone beyond it.

"You didn't need to limit your budget to $300, y'know," I smile slightly, "but that one's nice," I say pointing to a ring with two thin bands of silver that sandwich a thicker black band. I don't think the metal's even silver.

"I didn't set myself a budget, gorgeous," he smiles. I don't reply, too busy looking at the ring, reading the description. Apparently it's some metal called Tungsten Carbide. I've never heard of it before, but apparently it's not exactly expensive. This particular ring is about $70. I feel Hadley's eyes on me and I glance at him. He smiles and I smile back.

"Which one are you thinking? Or do you want to look for some others?"

"I dunno. I like that one," I mutter. He smiles.


"Yeah. But it's not my choice. What one d'you like?"

"It is your choice, dumby. And I like that one as well." I just kinda stare at it. I dunno what to say. Is that gonna be the ring to pretty much seal my fate and tie me to Hadley for the rest of my life? He kisses my cheek and I cuddle him. He hums. "It's up to you, gorgeous."

"Why's it up to me?" I ask, just the tiniest bit horrified. Why do I have to have the responsibility of saying yes or no to the rings we'll be wearing? He chuckles like it's no big deal or something.

"Because it's your ring as well."

"Well do you want that one?"

"If you do." Of course you would say that. I sigh a little. "I don't mind which one. As long as you like it," he smiles. I hum and look back at it.

"I like it."

"Then we'll get that one," he says, cuddling me a little and I give him a small smile, resting my head on his shoulder. He kisses the top of my head and I close the laptop.

"I'm not getting out of bed to get my wallet."

"Lazy," he laughs. I hum in agreement and nod, smiling. He starts to trace patterns over my chest, trailing his finger lightly over my skin. It tickles. I shiver a little and he giggles, kissing my chest instead. Do I really have to move?


The End

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