Hadley: Speak NowMature

When we got back from the pizza place, I found my mind wandering. Maxxie said he was joking so why did I not quite believe him? Once we got back to apartment, Maxxie got settled on the couch and I decided to do a floor to ceiling search of the apartment for anything. I may have said I didn’t care about his past but c’mon, I want to know what I’m up against.

I checked in the kitchen, even though there’d obviously be nothing in there. At least, I hoped not... Thankfully, there was nothing. I moved onto the bathroom and once again, nothing. Then the living room. How was I gonna search that with Maxxie sat there watching TV?

“Maxxie, can you make me a coffee?”

He arched an eyebrow but got up to make me one anyway. I skimmed through the living room, missing more than a few places where something could be but I wasn’t too bothered. I could check better later if I needed to. I just had to stay awake when we went to bed...

He came back with my coffee and I thanked him, taking a sip and carrying it into the bedroom with me. I put it down and put on my determined face as I searched the room. I was almost done searching and felt relief start to wash over me as I hadn’t found anything yet. I drank some more coffee and looked around a bit more. Oh God. Oh my actual God. Right there in a box under the bed were a pair of handcuffs and some sex toys. I felt the heat spreading through my cheeks as I put them back and grabbed my coffee, heading back into the living room. Maxxie arched an eyebrow and I downed the last of my coffee, shuffling off to the kitchen.

"You okay?"

I jumped a little. "Huh? Yeah, I'm fine"


I nodded and went over to sit with him. He kissed me on the cheek and I smiled, leaning on him. He hugged me and I cuddled back.

"I can't be bothered to look at rings"

Maxxie looked surprised.

"What?" I asked.


I cuddled him some more.

"...You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Dunno" he shrugged a little, "you came out of the bedroom blushing and now you can't be bothered to look at rings"

I shrugged. "I'm just being lazy"

He kissed me and hummed as I kissed back. I shut my eyes as he cuddled me. Somehow I managed to remind myself of the handcuffs and whatnot under the bed and felt the heat spread through my cheeks again.

"What're you blushing at?" Maxxie asked after a while.

I blushed a tiny bit more. "Nothing"

He arched an eyebrow and I buried my head in his neck. I hummed as he played with my hair. I unburied my head once I’d stopped blushing and just enjoyed how close I was to Maxxie.

"Gonna tell me what you were blushing at yet?" he asked after a couple minutes.

I shook my head and he prodded me gently. I shook my head again and he pouted. I whined and shuffled off to the bedroom. Maxxie followed me and I pulled out the handcuffs, blushing. He giggled which only made me blush more. He took the handcuffs and put them down on the bed.

"Too cute" he said, hugging me.

I hugged back.

"Though, I gotta say, I'm surprised you didn't find them earlier"

I flashed him a curious look and he shrugged.

"I'd have snooped around a lot earlier on, but I guess that's just me"

"I never felt the need to snoop around" I chuckled and he kissed my neck.

I tilted my head and he nuzzled my neck a little, kissing me when I hummed. I kissed back and he smiled. I kissed his nose.

"I should hide sex toys around the place more often. You're insanely cute when you blush" he giggled.

I blushed but still managed to giggle. "I need to work on not being so cute, obviously"

He grinned and I hugged his waist. He glanced at something but I was too busy hugging him to really notice. He kissed my neck and I tilted my head again. He kissed more and I grinned. He smiled and kept on kissing my neck and to be honest, I started getting a little suspicious. Just what was he up to?

I stroked his cheek and moved a hand to his hips when he kissed my neck a little less and before I knew it, he was kissing me hard. I matched it, humming as he moved his hands to my hips. He kissed me a bit harder and I didn’t quite match, all of a sudden feeling very submissive. He moved his hands down to my ass and I pressed my hips against his. I moaned when he grinded his hips into mine and he pulled my t-shirt off. I kissed his neck and he tilted his head a little, unbuttoning my pants. I kissed more. He pushed my pants down along with my boxers and I kissed him kind of hard. He kissed back harder, teasing me a little.

I moaned, trying to get his shirt off but he didn’t let me, teasing me more. I whined, trying a little harder but he still didn’t let me. He pushed me down on the bed and I leant up to kiss him. He kissed back, handcuffing me to the bed. Wait, what?

He smiled a little and kissed me again. He sat between my legs and took off his shirt, putting a little lube on his finger and ‘slipping’. I moaned and tried to get out of the handcuffs. He reached under the bed and I blushed, remembering exactly what he had under the bed. He sat there with the box, deliberately taking a long time to choose and I blushed more, still trying to get out of the cuffs.

He prodded me a little. "Don't struggle, you'll just hurt your wrists"

He pulled a butt plug out of the box and I blushed even more. My cheeks should’ve exploded from how much I was blushing. He put the box away and kissed me.

"You don't have to do this if you don't want to" he said with a smile and I shifted my wrists a little.

"Looks like I don't have much choice" I chuckled.

He kissed my nose. "You do"

I blushed a tiny bit more and he smiled, finger fucking me a little.

"Speak now, or forever hold your peace"

I bit my lip and he lubed me up a little more, pushing it in slowly. I bit my lip more and he kissed me til it was in. I let out a tiny moan once it was in and he wiggled it a little, eliciting another moan out of me. I shifted my wrists a little and he hummed. He wiped his hands on his jeans and settled down on the bed next to me, switching on the TV. I whined but he just snuggled up to me, watching whatever shit was on TV. Oh and he occasionally took time out his busy schedule to jerk me off a bit. I kept trying to get out of the cuffs and whined out Maxxie’s name.


I shifted my hips a little, hoping he’d get the message, and he hummed thoughtfully. Before taking the plug out and going back to watching TV. Asshole. I shifted my hips a little again and he teased me, making me whine. He turned the TV off and kissed me kind of hard. I matched it, waiting impatiently as he got his jeans off. He slid his boxers off, lubed up and fucked me. Took fucking long enough.


Maxxie was right, struggling did just hurt my wrists. I’d fidgeted enough that my wristswere pretty raw and kind of stung a bit. At least they weren’t bleeding, though. Maxxie kissed them better as he undid the handcuffs and snuggled up to me. I kissed his nose and he smiled, humming.

"I love you, meanie"

He grinned. "I love you too"

I cuddled him. "Is it bad that I kinda like you being mean to me?"

"No. Nothing wrong with enjoying being dominated" he winked and I giggled. "Though you never know. Maybe you'll prefer being mean to me"

I giggled again. "We'll have to find out some time, won't we?"

He hummed and I kissed him, snuggling when he kissed back. He cuddled me, a little sleepy, and I played with his hair. He smiled and kissed my neck. I tilted my head and stroked his cheek when he so obviously resisted the urge to give me another hickey. He cuddled me a bit more and I was happy to stay like that til he fell asleep. Which, after a while, he did.

The End

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