Maxxie: You're an assMature

Turns out Hadley had actually bought us something for dinner. And eaten it on the way back. So while we were sitting at a booth table in a pizzeria, I checked out my ring. It was prettier than the one I'd bought him, if I'm honest. A lot prettier. I'd considered getting one with a stone of some sort in it, but I wasn't sure if it would look right. This one does, though.

I'm just not sure if it's gonna end up freaking me out more. Right now, it feels perfect, but I know that I'm an emotional retard and what feels right now, can freak me out later on.

Hadley smiles as I continue to look at it.

"It'll still be there if you look away, y'know?" he chuckles.

"Y'never know. Some ring bandit might come steal it." I smile back, not really willing to tell him that the reason I'm staring at it is because I can't make up my mind if it scares me or not.

"I better stare at mine then, eh? Don't want that getting stolen," he laughs.

"This one's pretty, though. I should've gotten one with a stone in it for you." He leans over and kisses my cheek.

"This one's pretty, too."

"Mmm. Your mum and Caleb were right though - it is kinda plain."

"I don't care," he smiles. I hum slightly as he haggles me and I put my arm around him, kissing him lightly. He kisses back and I smile.

He hums a little, "Remember the first time we came here?" I nod, chuckling a little at the memory.

"A kiss a night in rent." He huggles me more.

"I never got my pimp suit, did I?"

"Should've gotten you one for Halloween." He giggles.

"But then I wouldn't have gotten to be a kitty."

"Always next year, gorgeous. Mind you, if you're the pimp, what will I be dressing as?" I giggle too. I can't really decide what's worse - wearing a dress or wearing slutty clothes.

"One of my bitches, obviously," he says, trying to not laugh. I grin.

"Dare I ask what you would make me wear?"

"Some form of bondage," he giggles.

"You just wanna tie me up, don't you?" I put on a serious face in an effort to not laugh.

"You know it, gorgeous," he says, mirroring my expression.

"Well I'm sure I can dig out some of my old gear for you to practice with," I tell him, trying not to giggle as he blushes. I grin again chuckling as I kiss him. "I'm kidding, babe." His blush doesn't fade, though.

"I knew that."

"Can't give you stuff I threw out, can I?" I wink. He blushes even more, his face practically glowing as he buries his head in my neck. Giggling, I cuddle him.

"Please tell me you're joking," he mumbles.

"About what?" I ask innocently.

"You know what."

"Depends which bit, really." He lifts his head and sort of stares at me and I can't hold it back any longer. I crack up laughing and he blushes a little again.

"Pizza doesn't normally take this long, does it?" he says, trying to change the subject as I try to stop laughing. It's kinda hard, though, when Hadley's cheeks go more red.

"You're so cute," I giggle, "I was joking about all of it, gorgeous."

He sighs in relief. "Don't do that to me again," he chuckles and I smile, kissing him.

"What if I hadn't been joking, hmm?" he blushes again, kissing back.

"You'd have had to deal with me constantly blushing." I smile. I guess I won't tell him that I've tried the whole handcuffs thing and enjoyed it then. At least, I won't just yet. Especially since our pizza's just arrived.

We both tuck in and when I finish my first slice, Hadley picks up another and feeds it to me. I smile, kissing him, humming as he kisses back. He snuggles up to me, eating some more as I cuddle him.

"I love you," he says.

"I love you too," I smile and he hums. I pick up another slice, but I think I ate too many cookies earlier, ‘cause I'm not all that hungry anymore. It doesn't exactly take me long to decide to feed it to Hadley. With a giggle, he bites into it and I smile, kissing his neck. He tilts his head and I kiss some more, biting down near his jaw and sucking. He gives a little whine and I plant a little kiss on the hickey.

"You're an ass," he smiles. I hum and nod a little.

"I know," I chuckle. 


The End

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