Hadley: CookiesMature

I stared at all the rings in front of me. My mind was blank. What would Maxxie pick? Would he even like any of them? Did he even want a ring? What if he got annoyed or offended or something if I got him a ring? Shit, what if it freaked him out even more? I was just about to walk out and go rent a movie when one of the sales women decided to be spontaneously helpful and ask if I needed assistance.

“Um, yeah. This is gonna sound really confusing but I’m looking for an engagement ring for my fiancé” I said a little nervously. Probably should’ve mentioned he’s a guy...

“Did you have anything particular in mind?”

I chuckled nervously. “No, not really. I want it to be nice but I’ve got kind of a small budget”

She nodded and opened up one of the display cases and pulled out one of the trays, bringing it over to me.

“All these rings are $200 or less” she said, setting tray down in front of me.

I looked at the rings and glanced up at her. “How did you know it’s for a guy?”

She smiled. “I could just tell”

I smiled back, suddenly feeling a lot more courageous about the whole thing, and studied the rings. There were a couple nice ones that were nearer the $200 side of things which wasn’t really ideal since I wanted to try and get it engraved.

The one I picked in the end cost about $150 and even though I didn’t have enough to get it engraved, the sales woman assured me that I could get it done later. Although I’d wanted to get him a silver ring, the one I picked was titanium. I didn’t even know they made rings out of titanium. It had a twin line design and a small five point diamond in the top. I just had to hope he’d like it...


I got home a couple hours later and found my adoring fiancé... playing some shooty game on the playstation. He was so engrossed in it, he didn’t even notice me walk through the door. He also didn’t notice the empty pizza box I hid in the kitchen. I may have bought a pizza for us to eat while we were watching the movie. I may also have gotten hungry on the way home...

"Nice to see I was missed" I smirked and he looked.

"Of course you were missed" he smiled, still focused on his game.

I tutted and he paused it, holding his arms out for a hug. I huggled him and he kissed my neck as he huggled back. I tilted my head and hummed as he kissed my neck more.

"So what movie did you spend the last two hours picking?" he chuckled.

I held up some horror movie, I didn’t really look at the title, and smiled. He smiled back.

"And I present to you; dinner" I said, holding up a bag of cookies, cupcakes and pretty much every other sugary thing under the sun.

He laughed. "Wow. And I thought what I cooked was bad for you"

He opened a pack of cookies and offered one to me. I opened my mouth and he put one between my teeth. We ate our cookies and I flopped on the couch next to him. He put an arm round me and I felt the ring box dig into my thigh. That’s gonna be annoying...

"Am I putting the movie on now or do you want to shoot some more people?" I giggled and he smiled.

"We can put the movie on now"

Thank God for that. I switched the pocket I’d put the ring box in sneakily and went and put the movie on, turning the lights off as I went, and snuggled with Maxxie once I got back to the couch. I couldn’t tell you what happened in the movie, I was too busy wondering when to give Maxxie his ring. Jeez, the amount I was panicking you would’ve thought I was proposing.

I put an arm round him, smiling slightly as he cuddle me a little bit tighter each time something made him jump. He snuggled up to me and I kissed the top of his head. He rested his head on my shoulder, his eyes still glued to the TV. I started playing with his hair, not letting up even once the movie had finished. Maxxie stayed snuggled up to me and I shifted a little bit, deciding I might as well give it to him now.

He glanced up at me and I put a hand on either said of his face, smiling. He smiled back, turning a little and kissing my hand. I giggled and he leant in, kissing me. I kissed back and blushed a tiny bit.

"I didn't just get you cookies"

He wore a curious expression as I pulled the ring box out of my pocket. His eyes widened a little and I opened it with a smile.

He kissed me kind of hard. "I love you"

"I love you too"

I took his hand and slid the ring onto his finger. He looked at it and smiled before huggling me.

"I couldn't afford to get it engraved but they said I can take it back and get it done when I have the money" I said, huggling back and he kissed my cheek.

"It doesn't need to be engraved. It's perfect anyway"

I smiled and he snuggled up to me.

I chuckled. "There's so many better ways I could've given that to you"

"Hey, I proposed to you in a hospital while I was trying to convince you that I hadn't gone to England to leave you" he laughed a little.

"That's better than buying cookies and just being like 'oh yeah, I got you this'"

"Hardly" he smiled, "who wants to conform and propose the same way everyone else does?"

I giggled, taking Maxxie’s hand and looking at the ring. It looked a lot nicer on him than it did in the box. He looked at it as well.

"I love it. Thank you"

I kissed his cheek and he hummed.

I huggled him. "We need to look at rings tomorrow"

He nodded.

"And sort out invites"

He groaned a little. "Can we skip the ones to my mum and granddad?"

"Nope" I said, kissing his nose.

He pouted. I prodded his pout a little and he just pouted more. I pressed a finger to his lips and he poked his tongue out, licking my finger. I kept my finger there and he licked it again. I giggled, still not moving my finger. He opened his mouth and bit down on my finger gently.

"Ow" I said, smiling as he kissed it better.

I giggled and he smiled.

"Love you"

"Love you too"

I kissed him, smiling as he kissed back. Hadley one, romance nil.

The End

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