Maxxie: the parentals.Mature

"Hey, mum. Can we talk?"

"You mean is your father home?" there's a pause where we both kind of acknowledge that that's exactly what I mean before she speaks again with a sigh, "yeah, we can talk. Not for long, mind."

"Have you told granddad I'm engaged to Hadley?"

"Yeah, I did. I knew you'd be too scared to. He's not happy about it, Max."

"Sure, I'd guessed as much," I mumble, "I don't see why he's so against gay marriage."

"Neither do I, sweetie," I shudder slightly at that. You haven't called me ‘sweetie' since I was eight, so don't now! "but there you go. He said he was happy for you once he'd gotten over it."

"That's good, I s'pose."

"Listen, what did you call for? You never call for no reason."

"Hadley wants me to invite you and granddad to the wedding. It's at the end of March."


"Whatever. I'll send invites. It's up to you." I hang up and sigh, throwing my phone down on the bed.

"Stupid question but what did she say?"

"I dunno. She said that granddad wasn't best pleased at it all, but is happy for us, and she didn't really say if she would come or not. I told her I'd send invites." He nods.

"It's a start, I guess."

"I don't want them to come," I sigh, flopping back on the bed.

"I know you don't. I'm not really expecting them to show up anyway."

"What if they do, though? Granddad will just sit there being grumpy and old man-ish about the whole thing and my mum... I dunno, she'll spend the day in tears, most likely, and not the happy kind."

"If they do show up, just be nice. It really shouldn't be but all this'll be hard for them." I exhale gustily and stare up at the ceiling. And what would I do if my mum kicked off? Or if she ended up pissing off the Smiths. My god, she has no idea. Hadley kisses my forehead and I do my best to smile, but it's kinda hard, really, considering how scared I already am without the worry of my family turning up.

"Oh my god, what if my dad insists on coming? If I send invites, he'll know where it is..." I feel my chest tighten a little at the thought of him coming too. If he showed up, I'd probably have a heart attack, rather than the panic attack I'm trying to not give myself.

"Wouldn't he be too busy being disgusted to show up?"

"Not if he thought he could make a point out of ruining it for us."

"If he did show up, I think he'd have a tough time getting past Alex and Cayden," he chuckles a little bit. Stupid brain. Why d'you add to my already substantial list of fears? Noticing that I'm trying to avoid giving myself a panic attack, Hadley cuddles me and I put an arm over him. "Don't worry about it. Whatever happens, happens."

"You won't be saying that if he turns up, Bunny."

"I'll kick him out myself if he starts causing trouble."

I laugh slightly, "I'm so pathetic. If it's directed at me, I just take it til he gets bored." Unless it's directed at someone I care about... I might not be good at defending other people, but I'll fucking try. Hadley kisses my temple and I look at him. "I should get my ass back down the gym and learn how to actually punch someone."

"I distinctly remember you punching me in the face," he chuckles.

"Yeah, and I punched my dad when we were in England, but I don't think I really did much damage to either of you," I mutter, my lips pulling up in a slight smile. He plays with my hair and smiles back.

"I like protecting you." Well doesn't that make me feel like a total wuss.

"Good, ‘cause I fucking need it," I laugh. He kisses me and I kiss back. I might be a wuss, but I think I can live with that. I've always known I'm not exactly the strongest of guys, regardless of how much I do or don't work out. He huggles me and I hum a little, enjoying the closeness to him.

"I'm going out for a bit later on. Want me to get you anything?"

"I'd say some more smokes, but I'm gonna guess that's a no?"

"You guess right."

"Then soda and maybe a DVD we can watch together later?"

"Sure. Some mushy romantic thing?" he smiles and I giggle.

"Anything. Your choice." He grins and I plant a kiss on his cheek.

"I'm not sure how long I'll be. Hopefully not too long."

"Take as long as you want. Just don't get stabbed," I smile slightly and he laughs.

"I'll do my best."

"I don't think the nurses would be too happy about having us cuddling up in bed together again."

"I'll tell them to make an exception when I'm a scary doctor," he smiles and I hum, kissing him. He kisses back and I close my eyes, cuddling him and doing my best to keep the thought that my dad might decide to come to our wedding out of my head. 


The End

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