Hadley: CanadaMature

I decided to sort the honeymoon out the next day so the first thing I did after breakfast was start looking up flight prices to various honeymoon-ish places.

"Canada, maybe?" Maxxie offered and I smiled.


"Urban or rural?"

"Up to you"

"I don't like making decisions"

I chuckled. "Well, which would you enjoy more?"

"Anywhere that we can be together without being glared at by people?" he laughed slightly and I giggled.

"And that would be...?"

He giggled as well. "A bedroom somewhere?" he said suggestively.

"...Maybe later" Like in a week kind of later.

He chuckled slightly. "I don't even get the headache excuse anymore?"


He tried not to look disappointed and I flashed him a small smile, feeling kind of guilty.

"Like I said, maybe later"

"S'okay" he smiled slightly.

"Anywhere specific in Canada you want to go?"

He shrugged. "Anywhere that isn't Toronto or Montreal"

Any particular reason why, my dear?

"My dad took me to Toronto as a kid a lot, and they speak French in Montreal"

I smiled. "Je parle un peu français"

His looked blankly at me and I giggled.


"Means I speak a little French, beautiful" I smiled and he chuckled slightly.

"Either way I suck at French. I failed most things at school, but I failed hardest at French"

I kissed his cheek. "How about Vancouver?"

"Sure" he smiled.

I looked up flights to Vancouver and other stuff like hotels. The cost of everything was starting to pile up and even though I’d promised to try and forget about it, it still bugged me.

"Pick a date" I said as Maxxie watched me.

"I dunno... a week after the wedding, maybe?"

I nodded and he smiled a little.

"You okay?" I asked, smiling back.


I snuggled up to him. "Told you me and Mom could get everything organised in no time. It's just the rings left now, I think"

"I'd show you that place I got your ring from, but I think the prices might disagree with you" he giggled.

"The price of this whole wedding disagrees with me"

He kissed me softly. "Just forget about it. I've got more than enough to cover it"

"I never got round to getting you an engagement ring"

"You wanted to get me one?" he asked, sounding surprised.

"...Did I not tell you?"

He shook his head. I could’ve sworn I did. Oh well, I guess I didn’t. I’d even saved up most of my wages for it. Granted that wasn’t much but it would’ve bought a decent enough ring til I could afford a better one.

"Well, I wanted to get you one" I said with a smile.

He kissed me again, smiling back.

"I'll just have to get you an extra nice wedding ring instead" I said and he cuddled me.

I sighed contentedly, wrapping my arms around him. I was perfectly happy to just sit there and snuggle and as much as I wanted to believe Maxxie felt the same, he was kind of tense.

"Maxxie, what's wrong? You've been acting weird for a while now" I said after a while.


"What aren't you telling me?" I felt my face pull into a slightly worried expression and he stroked my hair.

"What makes you think I'm keeping something from you?

"You've been acting weird lately"

He frowned a little. "How?"

"Well, you've gotten majorly huggy all of a sudden. But half the time it's like you're trying to squeeze me to death or something"

He shrugged. "I told you all the planning stuff would stress me out"

"And then there's the sex as well..."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing. It's just you know my libido's pathetic and the last few days I haven't even been in the mood..."

"You should've said"

"I shouldn't have to"

He bit his lip. "Oh my god, I'm the worst fiancé ever" he said, looking upset.

"No you're not"

"I really am. I haven't helped you out as much as I should've, I've pushed for sex when I shouldn't've and I'm shit scared"

The End

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