Hadley: PlaitsMature

I felt Maxxie playing with my hair and I glanced at him. He smiled a little.

"You okay?"

I hummed. "I'm fine"

"What's on your mind?"

"Nothing important" I smiled but I could tell he wanted to know anyway. "Having Beau's been... kind of nice"

"She's a sweet kid, but I dunno if I'd cope having her all the time" he chuckled and I gave him a little smile. "She's too energetic for a lazy old bastard like me"

"I wouldn't say you were lazy" I smirked and he giggled slightly.

"What then?"

I pretended to think about it. "More like amazing"

He blushed a little and I smiled. He kissed me and I kissed back, enjoying the moment.

"But to be honest, if anyone's the amazing one, it's definitely got to be you. No question about it" he said and I felt my cheeks light up.

He stroked my cheek with a smile and I hummed a little, getting that thought back in my head as Beau shifted a little. Maxxie yawned a little.

"Maxxie, I..."


I said nothing for a while. "I want kids"

Maxxie was silent and I sort of rushed out "I mean, it doesn't have to be like straight away. I'm happy waiting however many years, y'know? But all this has been really nice so... um... yeah..."

He flashed me a weak smile. "Let's just get married first, eh?"

I nodded and he pecked me on the lips. Beau sort of woke up as I kissed back and Maxxie started playing with her hair.

"Unca Maxxie, when's Daddy coming back?"

"I dunno, honey, I'll call him and see how long he's gonna be, yeah?"

"Yus please"

Maxxie went off to call him and Beau sat on my lap, leaning on my chest. She slid off my lap after a minute or so and slipped on her shoes before climbing back to my lap.

"Daddy's gonna be back soon, sweetie, and he said to make sure you're ready to go" Maxxie said as he walked back into the living room and Beau grinned.

"I gotted my shoes on"

"Well done" Maxxie grinned back.

I played with her hair while Maxxie folded up the sofa bed. We sat waiting for John and he showed up after about ten minutes. Maxxie had gotten bored in those ten minutes and plaited Beau’s hair.

"Wow, Beau, your hair looks pretty" John said with a smile and Beau grinned.

"I don't have any hair bands though" Maxxie said with a slight smile.

John laughed. "Need to get some then, don't you?"

 "Maybe. Can't say I ever expected to be doing this though"

He chuckled. "You could always plait Hadley's hair if it gets long enough"

Maxxie grinned at me.

"No way, I'm never having my hair long again"

He gave me the puppy eyes and I pointed at my fringe.

“There, you can plait that"

He leant over and started plaiting my fringe. Yeah, I didn’t really mean it, Maxxie. Beau giggled, obviously as amused by this as Maxxie and I shot her a fake glare.

"Cut it out, squirt"

He undid it and made it into lots of mini plaits instead. I watched him for a while.

"Having fun?"

"Mhm" he nodded.

"Glad someone is" I said with a tiny giggle and he smiled.

John picked Beau up. "Thanks for watching her, guys"

Maxxie smiled. "No problem"

"Yeah, it was nice having her"

"Maybe I'll get you to babysit some time then. Mari's letting me keep Beau for two weeks a month now" John smiled and Maxxie smiled back. “Well, say bye, Beau”

"Bye, Unca Maxxie. Bye, Unca Bunny"

"Bye sweetheart" Maxxie said.

"Bye, squirt"

Beau waved and John left with one last smile.

Maxxie smiled slightly. "She sure likes you. Even if you do look funny" he giggled and I pouted.

"How do I look funny?"

He shrugged and kissed me, humming as I kissed back. **shrugs and kisses*

"I can't wait til March" I said, snuggling up to him.

"Mmm" he said, cuddling me.

I sighed contentedly and he kissed my neck. He kissed some more as I tilted my head and hummed. He slid his hands down to my ass and I smiled a little.

"Y'know we wouldn't be able to do this so much if we ever got kids" he said, kissing down my neck to my collarbone.

"Like I said, I'm happy to wait"

"What, til we're all sexed out?" he chuckled and I rolled my eyes, giggling.

"You know what I mean"

He hummed and gently slipped his hands under my t-shirt and up my back. I kissed his neck and he made circles on my back. I hummed and he kept making circles downwards til he reached my waistband. I wrapped my arms round his neck and he linked his hands in the small of my back, pressing our hips together. I kissed him kind of hard and he matched it, humming as I shifted my hips. I threaded my fingers through his hair and he got my t-shirt off. He palmed me as I unbuttoned his shirt, slipping it off. I let out a baby moan and he undid my pants, shuffling towards the bedroom.

He carefully pushed me onto the bed and I pulled him down with me. He kissed me hard and I matched it, moaning as he palmed me again. He smiled and pushed his hand into my boxers, making me moan again. He smiled and jerked me off ever so slowly. I bit my lip and he went even slower. I bit my lip even more and he stopped to take off my boxers. The tiniest of tiny moans escaped my lips and Maxxie grinned, taking his pants off way too slowly for my liking. I whined and he took his boxers off even slower. I whined again and sort of prodded him to try and get him to speed up. All I got in return was an innocent face.

"Maxxie" I kind of growled.


The growl in my voice fucked off and I just sounded kind of desperate. "Fucking get on with it"

He crawled onto the bed, the innocent look still on his face. "Finger fuck me?"

I did so in the frail hope that it would get Maxxie to actually fucking do something other than jerk me off. His lips closed around my dick and I moaned, finger fucking him harder. He finger fucked me a little and I tried not to moan. He sucked harder and I still tried not to let out the moan that so desperately wanted to escape. He added another finger and it was all too much. I moaned loudly and blushed, even though he couldn’t see. He pushed back against my fingers kind of impatiently.

"What?" I asked innocently.

He whined a little.

"Seriously, what?" I kept up the innocent act and he bit his lip.

"Put another finger in" he kind of moaned.

I slid another finger in kind of slowly, making him moan again. I smiled and he went down on me again. I let out a small moan, a little impatient. He moved round, replacing his fingers with his dick and set up a steady rhythm. I moaned as he pushed in and I bucked my hips to meet each thrust.  I moaned out his name as I came and he followed soon after, pulling out and flopping onto the bed beside me. I chuckled at nothing in particular and wrapped an arm round his waist.

C’mon, March, hurry up and get your ass here.

The End

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