Hadley: MaternalMature

Maxxie was being... kind of weird. Whenever anything wedding related came up in a conversation he’d sort of freeze up and not really say much. The second we moved onto something non-wedding related, he’d go straight back to normal. Was it something to do with the date? Oh who am I kidding; of course it was to do with the date. Knowing my luck it was to do with the wedding in general. Fuck.


After an hour or two of being home I’d managed to convince myself again that Maxxie didn’t actually want to marry me. The two of us were snuggled up on the couch when the door buzzer thing sounded. Maxxie groaned and answered it, informing whoever was at the door to come up and buzzing them in.

"Hey guys" I heard John say and waved at him from the couch.

"What's the sprog doing here?" Maxxie asked and I looked round, seeing Beau clinging to John’s pants.

“I'm real sorry about this but can you watch her for an hour or two?" John asked.

"I don't have anything to entertain her with"

"Just play with her or something"

Maxxie pulled a horrified face. "The only game I've got is Twister"

"Twisty" Beau said, grinning.

I giggled. "She likes cartoons right?"

John nodded.

"We can just sit her in front on the TV if she gets bored, then"

Maxxie shrugged a little. "Sure"

"Thanks, guys, I owe you one" John knelt down in front of Beau. "You be good, okay?”

Beau grinned. "Yus, Daddy"

John smiled and left, leaving Beau sort of stood in the middle of the room. Maxxie was in the kitchen looking for something to eat. Beau ran over to him the second she saw him.

"Unca Maxxieeee!"

"Hey, sweetie" Maxxie picked her up and held her with one arm, still looking for something to eat.

I watched them for a while, smiling a little when Maxxie found some candy.

"Don't tell Daddy" he said, giving her some. "Want anything to eat, Hadley?"

"Depends what's on offer"


I smiled. "Sure"

He brought Beau over to me. "Then you'll have to keep this one entertained while I cook" he smiled.

Beau stared at me and Maxxie arched an eyebrow. Beau just kept staring at me and to be honest, it was kind of freaky.

"...Are kids s'posed to do that?" I asked Maxxie.


"Why's she staring at me?"

"Because you're just that gorgeous?"

I laughed and Beau stared at me even more. Okay, that’s seriously fucking creepy.

"Beau?" Maxxie asked.

She looked at him, stopping with the staring. "Yus?"

"Why're you staring at Hadley...?"

"He looks funny"

Maxxie giggled. "How does he look funny?"

She pulled my hair a little and Maxxie chuckled, going off to make dinner. Beau went back to staring at me and I tried my best to make her stop staring. In the end I just put some cartoon on and sat her down in front of it. She wasn’t content with that, though, and clambered onto my lap, lying on me. Maxxie came over with carbonara for all of us and glanced at Beau, no doubt a little concerned that she’d hurt me. The two of us dug into our meal while Beau stared at it.

"What is it?"

"Pasta" Maxxie said and she grinned.

 "I like spaghetti"

He smiled. "Then you'll be a good girl and eat it all up, won't you"

She started eating and I smiled. She huggled me once she was done and I smiled again as Maxxie washed up.

"Unca Bunny, I'm bored" she said. We’d tried ‘Unca Hadley’ but the best she could manage was ‘Haddy’. And trust me, I’m not being known as ‘Unca Haddy’.

"Wanna watch some more cartoons?"

She shook her head. "Can we go to the park?"

I glanced at Maxxie, silently asking if there was a park nearby and he shook his head.

“Sorry, honey, not today" I said and she huffed.

"We could drive to one, but I'm not sure it would do either of us much good to be dragged around a play park" Maxxie said. "She'd hospitalise us again" he laughed slightly. The guy had ended up cleaning stuff and reorganising everything Mom moved.

I giggled. "A little cutie like her?"

"Unca Maxxie, I'm bored"

"Put the playstation on or something" he said, on the verge of OCD cleaning.

"Bored, bored, bored, bored" came from beside me.

"What d'you wanna do, then?" Maxxie asked.

"Play!" she grinned.

"Play what?"

She shrugged. "Playyyyyy"

"Hadley, get the playstation out"

I switched it on, figuring Beau would like Croc as much as me. The menu hadn’t even loaded before she slid off the couch and went off poking through our stuff. Maxxie noticed this and picked her up, giving her a piggyback around the apartment while he cleaned. I stayed on the couch and reignited my love for Croc and Maxxie joined me on the couch after a while. Beau snuggled in between the two of us and Maxxie leant over, kissing my cheek. I smiled and Beau watched with curiosity in her eyes.

"How comes you kissed Unca Bunny?" she asked with this adorable little half confused half curious face.

Maxxie chuckled a little. "Might have to ask Daddy to explain that one, sweetie"


"Ask Daddy about it"


"Unless you wanna have a go explaining it, Bunny" he muttered so Beau didn’t hear.

I thought about it for a second and shook my head. How do you explain that to a little kid? Maxxie chuckled and Beau let out a yawn. Maxxie stroked her hair and she smiled, snuggling up to me. I froze. Don’t lie there, Beau, I’ll en up squashing you or something. Maxxie seemed to sense this and kissed the top of her head.

"Pick her up for a minute? I'll sort out the sofa bed so we're all comfy" he smiled.

I picked Beau up and she snuggled against my shoulder. Maxxie flipped out the sofa bed and lay down on it. I lowered myself onto it and Beau practically lay on top of me. Maxxie smiled and I smiled back but I was still convinced I was going to squash her. He put an arm over the both of us and cuddled us a little. Soon enough she was asleep and my arm was slowly getting a coat of drool. Maxxie tried not to giggle when he noticed but I honestly didn’t mind that much.

 "Eww" I said quietly and Maxxie grinned, kissing me.

"I love you" he said quietly so he didn’t wake Beau up.

"Love you too, beautiful"

He hummed with a smile and I smiled back, playing with Beau’s hair. Having Beau around was nice. I wouldn’t mind having a kid around more often. Oh God, is this me getting fucking maternal? How am I even getting maternal? I’m a guy. Guys don’t get maternal, do they?

The End

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