Jake: RentMature

I stepped out of the estate and took a deep breath. That was.... well actually I actually find some weight off my shoulders for a while now. I feel sorry for El when he left to go get the groceries he look distant. I shouldn't of told him.

I should of just kept it all to myself. Not of gotten drunk and marched off, which had caused Cay to follow me. Why did he have to push it out of me? Eventually I could of dealt with it..... couldn't I? I shake my head and begin down the road back to the house. El should be gone by now..... he said he would wait an hour but no longer. I feel guilty in some way, yet I also can't.

Oh god, what the hell have I gone done now? I begin to pass the beach and I stop cause lying on the beach is Cayden and Taylor's there with him, his head on Cay's chest. I feel almost pained to look so turn and run. I run and run and don't stop till I reach my house. I open the door and slam in shut. Slowly I slide down it to the floor where I let the painful shudders shake my body. "Jake..." I look up to see El watching me. "Are you okay?" I nod slowly and he steps forward. "Are you still...leaving?"

I look at my knees which are pulled up to me. "Yes, El. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen" I whisper. El nods.

"I think I should go" He mumbles. I nod and get up moving away from the door and not looking at him as he leaves. Two more things to go, the tickets and packing my bags. I should be gone by not tommorow but the day after at night at the latest. I get to my feet and move to the bedroom where I find my suitcase and start my packing.

The End

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