Cayden: Warm FuzziesMature

What’s with this guy? We were pretty much dry humping when all of a sudden he stripped down to his boxers, kissed me and went to sleep. What the actual fuck? So while he slept I slipped into the bathroom, got acquainted with my left hand and slept on the couch. Taylor had snuck onto the couch with me at some point when I was asleep and I woke up with his arms around me. I kissed his nose, waking him up and he smiled. He then flatly informed me that we were going to the beach before standing up and getting dressed. Well, better give him what he wants.


We’d barely been at the beach five minutes when I spotted El. We went over and said hi but he seemed kind of distant.

"Oh, hey" There was a vacant look in his eyes.

"You okay?" Taylor asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just getting Jake some groceries"

I clenched my jaw at the mention of Jake.

"Where'd he get to last night?" Taylor asked.

"He said he just went home"

"Oh. I didn't see him leave"

"Yeah me neither"

"Did you?" Taylor asked me.

"Nope. One minute he was at the bar and then he wasn't anywhere"

"Oh, something I forgot. He said to tell you, Cay, that he was sorry" El said, turning and walking off.

Taylor frowned. “Sorry for what?”

“Nothing. Now, what did you bring me down here for?” I smiled. Why am I lying to this guy already?


Turns out he just wanted to surf and sunbathe. And cuddle. We lay on the sand and Taylor draped an arm round my waist. As nice as it was, my thoughts just kept running back to Jake. I’ve seen people fall for me before and it really doesn’t bother me, so why did I feel kind of bad for the whole thing with Jake? I wanted to try and make things right but I kind of didn’t want to make things worse.

Fuck, why was it getting to me so much? Was it because I knew what it felt like to love someone who doesn’t want you? Oh great, here come the emo feelings about Maxxie again.

Taylor shifted a little and I looked down to see him fast asleep with his head on my chest. He looked kind of cute asleep. Wait, backtrack for a second there. Did I just say he looks cute when he’s asleep? Great. Just fucking great. I came here to get away from shit like that yet there I was with a gorgeous guy sleeping on my chest. And the best part? I’ve got the warm fucking fuzzies for him. Shit.

The End

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