Maxxie: sulkingMature

I'm s'posed to like shopping. But I'm already on my fifth cigarette, sulking over a coffee. Because of shopping. Well, no, not shopping. It's what we're shopping for. I don't wear suits. I look like a twat.

Okay, so I'll admit I'm less concerned about looking like a twat than I am about the fact that I can't just run away from this.

"Thought you were using nicotine patches?" Alex asks over the edge of his mug.

"I get bored and end up picking them off. And then they leave a sticky patch on your arm." Not to mention that they rip the hair from your arm too. Alex shrugs slightly.

"Still better than puffing on those."

"These are cheaper. Lemme alone."

"Whatever. What's with the sulking anyways? You love shopping."

"Don't s'pose you've noticed the fact that two and a half months is gonna creep up on me and bam, I'll be standing there with him, wondering how the hell I've ended up there. Fuck. This is why I don't take drugs, and why I should never be given painkillers."

"What because it makes you propose?"

"No, because I make life changing, stupid decisions."

"Max, it's not stupid, it's just premature. But remember what I said?"

"Just some gold and paper, I know. Doesn't really stop it from terrifying me."

At that point, ginger and Hadley wander over. I notice Hadley kinda frowning out of the corner of my eye, probably at me smoking or something, but Caleb kinda blocks that out with "Hey, ladies! Miss us?" Alex pulls Caleb onto his lap and cuddles him as I look up and smile at my fiancé. Hadley smiles back and sits on a chair... like a normal person.

"Find anything?"

"Yeah. He's having that suit he tried on back at the shop," Alex says before I can tell him that no, I didn't find anything. I scowl at him, not impressed. Hadley just smiles.

"Bunny found one, too," Caleb tells us and I push a smile onto my lips. Oh, yay. Alex, on the other hand, looks interested, but does he really think he'll get anything out of them about it while I'm here?

"Yeah, it was that one from the first shop. Y'know, the black one?"

"Oh, that's good. I got Maxxie a black one too. Ish," he grins, clearly more excited about me wearing a suit for the first time ever than I am. Hadley looks curious and Alex looks kinda thoughtful. "I dunno. I think me and Caleb are gonna have to go find them and see if they look good together."

"Did you go for the one Bunny almost saw?"

"Yeah. It suits him," he smiles, "needs taking up in the leg, though. Both of them are short asses."

"They're so lame," ginger laughs. Alex laughs too and I do my level best to ignore them taking the piss out of the fact me and my fiancé are so short by lighting another cigarette. "Anyway, their suits should go fine together." Alex smiles slightly.

"Yeah, but I wanna see what Bunny's being put in."

"Then you can go see it later." Alex kisses ginger's neck, smiling. Why do I not get to see what he's gonna wear? Caleb just smiles as Alex cuddles him and I'm staring at my coffee, kinda wondering whether it's cold yet and if I should get a new one.

I'm distracted from my coffee and the sight of Caleb and Alex snuggling as Hadley puts his hand on my knee. I put mine on top of his and he smiles.

"You look like you'd rather be somewhere else."

"I'm alright. My collar bone's aching a bit from getting changed so much," I shrug, probably not helping it much, "I'll live."

"We can get out of here, if you want. They'll probably start making out soon anyway and then they'll be dead to the world," he says. I glance over at them and nod as Caleb gives Alex a tiny kiss. I take Hadley's hand and abandoning my coffee altogether, I get up. He leans on me a little and watches Caleb plant another baby kiss on Alex. "Caleb, put him down for like five seconds."

"What?" Caleb looks up, a tiny bit annoyed at something. Alex notices that and cuddles him a little bit more.

"We're gonna head off..."

"Mmm, okay. Give me a call and I'll help out with other stuff too, if you want," Alex offers.

"Yeah, me too. I'm officially making myself your best man," Caleb adds. Can you even have two best men? That confuses me.

Hadley giggles, "Thanks, guys." I flash them a smile and start walking. Hadley puts an arm around my waist and I move mine around his, relaxing a little as we get further away from the whole suit buying thing. 


The End

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