Hadley: Ginger Spice?Mature

We looked around at suits for a while and I spotted a couple nice ones but I could tell just by looking at them that they were too long in the leg for me. Stupid fucking shortness. Maxxie, more than aware of my stupid height, told me I could pick whatever I wanted and he’d get it custom made for me. And, as is my nature, I protested about how much it’d cost. Cheeky asshole completely ignored all my protests.

"I'm keeping everything else as cheap as possible" I grumbled.

"Why? I could understand if I was still tight for money, but I'm not now. What's the big fuss?"

"I don't know, I just don't like you spending too much money. I don't like anyone spending too much money when I'm involved"

He kissed me. "Just relax about it, for this one thing, eh?"

I let out a tiny sigh. "I'll try"

He took my hand and I squeezed, making him smile. I smiled back as Alex snuck up behind him and covered his eyes.

"Y'know you're s'posed to tell your best man when you're going shopping for stuff, right? I'm s'posed to be making you look gorgeous, darling" he said and Alex laughed. He ruffled Maxxie’s hair and looked at me. "Thought it was s'posed to be bad luck if you see what the bride's gonna be wearing before the wedding?"

I giggled. "Technically I haven't seen what she's wearing"

He tutted. "Whatever happened to the groom staying at home, drinking beer while his bride worries over what she's wearing, eh?"

"Shit like that dies when you meet me" I said with a tiny grin and he chuckled.

"Well how're you two getting on then? Found any good suits?"

"A couple, maybe. I don't know about him" I nodded at Maxxie. "I don't think he's really been looking"

Alex prodded him. "Not like you, man. You're the stereotypical gay here, not me. Why have you not been looking?"

Maxxie shrugged.

"I guess I should be doing this with Caleb or Cayden anyway" I said.

"Well, I don't think it'd take Ginger Spice too long to catch up if you wanna go off with him for this?"

"...Ginger Spice?" I tried not to laugh and Alex grinned.

"You're not the only one with a dorky nickname"

"Dorky? You must be thinking of someone else" I giggled.

He smiled. "Has Blondie got a nickname yet?"

"Yes" I said with a kind of evil grin.


I giggled. "Cinderella"

Maxxie groaned and blushed.

"Cinderella" Alex nodded and looked at Maxxie, "suits you"

I giggled again and Alex laughed as Maxxie scowled at me.

"Luff you" I said but just got a scowl in return.

I flashed him the puppy eyes and he squeezed my hand a little, pecking me on the lips.

"Luff you too" he said as I kissed back and Alex pretended to puke.

"Okay, enough of the cute stuff, you've got the rest of your lives for that. To shopping!" he said, practically dragging Maxxie towards a rack of suits.

I hung out by the front of the store waiting for ‘Ginger Spice’ and sure enough he turned up, hugging me with no concern for my stitches. I glanced over at Maxxie who didn’t look like he was having much fun. Alex had picked out five suits and was pushing Maxxie towards the dressing rooms. I’m ashamed to say me and Caleb didn’t exactly make much progress. What started out as a simple hunt for the right suit spiralled into Caleb sulking about not being engaged and wanting to know when I thought would be too soon for him to propose to Alex. Alex was going back and forth between the store and the dressing room with new and rejected suits. He paused on his journey to prod Caleb and went back to the dressing room.

"It suits you!" came loudly from the dressing room.

"It doesn't!" there was a pause. "Ow"

"It does"

Caleb slipped off to investigate, leaving me carrying two suits. My curiosity got the better of me and I headed out to the dressing room but Caleb jumped me, covering my eyes before I could see anything.

"I wanna try another shop" I heard Maxxie say grumpily.

"That one was fine. Now get lost, Bunny has to try stuff on" Caleb said.

"They won't fit, y'know?"

"I don't like it. Get me out of it" Maxxie said and Caleb tutted.

He steered me into one of the stalls and helped me get the suit on. He dashed out of the stall and then flat out refused to let me out. Apparently Alex had bribed Maxxie into trying on one last suit and Caleb made it clear I wasn’t allowed out of the stall til there was no risk of Maxxie seeing me.

Eventually Alex and Maxxie went off for a coffee and Caleb let me out of the stall so I could look at the suit properly. The first one was miles too long in the leg but the jacket was gorgeous. I tried on the second and though the trousers fitted, the jacket was kind of horrible. Caleb disappeared and came back after a while with another suit and helped me into it. I took one look at it and smiled. Oh yeah, this was the one.

The End

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