Maxxie: suitsMature

I'm fairly sure my blood pressure is through the roof right now. I'm also amazed that Hadley hasn't noticed this, even with his eyes closed. He doesn't seem to notice for ages, though. Nearly an hour passes before he sits up a little and pushes back my hair.

"You okay?"

"Hmm?" I blink, coming back to the real world from my happy place where the wedding isn't in March, "yeah, I'm okay," I smile.


"Yeah. You okay?"

"Couldn't be better," he smiles, making me feel just that little bit worse about being so scared of this. I manage a smile back and he yawns. "I could be a little less bored, though."

"Well, we could always go find that white suit," I giggle slightly. He pulls up his shirt and looks at his stitches.

"Since I'm not getting out of it, I guess we could. I don't think I'm gonna bleed on it."

"I can put a dressing over it if you think you'll bleed on it."

He smiles, "Thanks." I smile back, getting up to go find a dressing in the first aid box. I'm sure there's one left somewhere in here. When I go back with it, I catch Hadley prodding his stomach a little.

"You really will make it bleed if you do that," I tell him, pushing him down gently so he's stretched across the sofa.

"I won't." I ignore him, putting the dressing over it and sticking it down firmly. Note to self: buy more first aid type things, or stop being a clumsy dick. He prods it again a little and I shake my head slightly. "What? It keeps me busy, doesn't it?" he giggles.

"And I don't?" I pout.

"You keep me busy in the evenings," he smirks. I roll my eyes.


Not much later, we're in the shop, looking for that suit. Hadley sees it before I do, and he alerts me to it with n "Oh God." I giggle. It's horrible, just as he said.

"Are you sure that only the straight side of you was begging for it to be burnt?"

"The other side of me was begging for it to be buried in a reeeeally big hole somewhere out in the desert." I laugh and kiss him on the cheek.

"C'mon then, gorgeous. Let's go try it on." He whines, but he goes along with it. I help him into it, doing my best not to laugh. It's a much better pick-me-up than a cigarette and coffee.

"I can't believe I'm actually wearing this again," he says once it's on. I cover my mouth to stop myself from laughing and he glares at me. I give him the puppy eyes.

"I wanna see you in one too, mister."

"Yeah, you're gonna have to help me with that."

"Do I have permission to take this off first?" In your dreams, Bunny boy.

"...No." he whines, but I just smile, trying to get out of my shirt. He helps me and I manage to get my own jeans off. Handing him the suit shirt, I pull on the trousers. He puts the shirt on me and I pick up the jacket. I put my arm around him and look at us together in the mirror.

"Oh, we look sexy."

"We so don't."

I grin, "oh, but we do. Look at all that... glitter." I wanna shoot the designer.

"It's hideous"

"Hear the sarcasm , dripping from my voice," I wink. "Let's burn them and never speak of this again." He giggles and I turn, kissing him.

"I'll marry you whatever suit you choose," I grin.

"What if it's bright pink and loaded with beads and sparkly things?"

"Well it can't be much worse than this one." That and I'll be too busy trying not to run away to give a toss what anyone's wearing.

He laughs, "I'm going out of my way to find an even worse one now." I smile slightly. He hums a little, "Wanna properly look at suits since we're here?"

"Sure," I nod. I'd just been planning to y'know, get a plain suit, the same as every other guy who ever got married. He gives me a little smile and I peck him on the lips, helping him get back into his normal clothes. I guess it can't hurt to look anyways. 


The End

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