Hadley: SelfishMature

I woke up after an hour and lay in bed for a while, eventually giving up and shuffling into the living room. I put the TV on and glanced at Maxxie, leaning out the window in the kitchen, having a smoke.

"Hey" he said.

I flashed him a tiny smile but kept silent, like before. Maxxie flicked his cigarette butt away and closed the window.

"I was thinking, while you were asleep... that maybe I could deal with the stress, if you wanna make it the end of March" he said, sounding a tiny bit nervous.

I didn’t say anything.

"It's up to you, gorgeous. If you can deal with me, that is"

I still didn’t say anything. Why was I having a hard time believing him?

"You realise if you do wanna have it the end of March, you better plan like fuck, 'cause I'm shit at that sort of thing"

I let out a tiny little sigh. "Look, I said I don't mind having it later. You don't have to rush things just to make me happy"

"I'm not. I was just being a selfish bastard earlier. It's your day too"

The two of us were silent for a while. It was fucking awkward.

"I'm being selfish by making you have it in March" I mumbled.

He sat down, cuddling me. "You're not"

"I am"

"No. I said you could pick the date and you did, so we'll stick with it"

I was quiet for a while again. “And you really mean it? You’re not just saying it to make me happy?”

“Of course I mean it”

I launched myself at him, smothering him in tiny kisses. “Thank you, thank you, thank you”

He chuckled and hugged me, kissing back. I cuddled him, not really caring that it hurt my stomach.

“Seriously, thank you”

“It’s okay” he smiled.

I smiled back. “You don’t have to do any planning, if you don’t want. I can handle it on my own”

“No, I’ll help if I can” he pecked me on the lips.

I kissed back and he chuckled.

“You’ll just have to tell me what I need to do”

“I’m gonna say the main thing you need is a venue, a suit and a best man” I giggled a little, waiting to see if he’d pick up on what I missed out.

He smiled. “I’d figured that much out. I was thinking we could get the wedding rings from the same place I got your engagement ring. I had a look at them while I was there”

“Maybe we should avoid your parents...”

“Mmm. We can order them online and avoid going to England altogether” he said with a small smile and I laughed a little. “I only went there to get your ring because I wanted to make sure it was the one I wanted you to have”

He kissed me and I kissed back, humming a little. He cuddled me, closing his eyes as I sighed contentedly. I snuggled up to him a little and he kissed my cheek.

I smiled. “I love you”

“I love you too” he smiled back.

I hummed and kissed him. He kissed back and I hummed again, snuggling.

“What do you even need for a wedding?”

“No idea. People and rings and cake, as far as I know” he chuckled.

“Reckon there’ll be more than seven people there?” I asked with a tiny giggle.

He smiled. “Dunno. Might be”

“I don’t know many people” Aside from Caleb, I pretty much have no friends.

“Me neither, but I kind of like the idea of a quiet wedding anyways”

I hummed. A quiet wedding would be kind of nice. It’d cost a hell of a lot less as well. Maxxie traced patterns in the nape of my neck and I shivered a little. He smiled and I giggled, kissing his jaw. He cuddled me a little tighter and I smiled, shutting my eyes.

The End

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