Maxxie: twenty bucksMature

Even with Brent practically telling me exactly what to do, and the Cooking for Dummies book, I'm still managing to do something wrong.

"How are you this bad?" I don't answer, too busy looking horrified at my disaster and attempting to save it. He watches, no doubt already certain that I'll fail at trying to rescue it. I already knew I'd fail at saving it too, but at least I tried. "Bro, you kinda suck at this." Yeah. Thanks. "Try it again."

"Dude, what are you even doing?" he asks incredulously as I fail at it again. I huff, outright refusing to do any more. Fuck cooking. Momma Smith will just have to deal with the fact her son is marrying someone who should just never be allowed in the kitchen. Ever. Brent ends up just taking over and making it properly. First time. I give him the bitch face. "C'mon, man, it's easy."

"If it was easy, I'd be able to do it, wouldn't I."

"Try it again but do it slowly so I can see what you're fucking up." With a sigh, I just go along with it. "There, you're doing that wrong," he says, pointing out my mistake and showing me how to correct it. Sure, it's a penny-drop moment, but it doesn't do anything for my culinary self esteem. He watches to see if I succeed, and I'd say it's a decent improvement on what I had before, but there's still something a little off about it.

Brent seems to think it's good enough, though. "See? Easy," he smiles. I pout a little.

"It's easy if you're not me." He chuckles and I get the feeling he would move onto something else to teach me, but I've really had enough of cooking for possibly the rest of my life. I wouldn't be sad if I never had to try and cook again, at any rate. I was raised on takeout food, and I'll fucking die on it.

I clear up half heartedly, hoping to fuck that he doesn't suggest more cooking.

"Whaddya say we go make another mess somewhere else?" he winks and I laugh slightly.

"I'm not nearly drunk or drugged up enough for those kinda suggestions," I tell him.

"Shame. Want a beer?" he laughs a little and I smile.

"Sure." He gets a couple of beers out of the fridge, passing one to me.

"Since you're not drunk enough, we could go catch a movie?" I shrug a little. I'd only really meant to be away for like, half an hour, but what the hell. I'm sure Hadley can cope a few more hours.

"Anything good on?"

"No idea. Then again, who says we have to pay attention if it sucks?" I chuckle.

 "Oh, but what would we do instead, sat there in the dark together? ‘Cause you're straight, if I remember correctly," I giggle.

"It's good to be a little gay sometimes," he smirks and I nod.

"Then I'll be looking forward to that blowjob you've been boasting about," I wink, picking up my wallet off the counter.

"Maybe we'll save that for    after     the movie. People might get pissed off at how loud you're being," he laughs and I punch him on the shoulder.

"I can be quiet when I want."

"Not for me, you can't."

"I think that sounds like a challenge." He chuckles at that.

"Twenty bucks says I can get you moaning like a porn star."

"You're fucking on, mate," I laugh, steering him out of the door.


I dunno what we're watching, but Brent picked it. It's some action film and the only reason I'm not asleep is because there's the occasional topless guy in it, and the male role's hot. What? Just because I'm engaged, doesn't mean I can't appreciate other men.

Brent, on the other hand, is enjoying the movie a lot more, to the point that he's actually neglected his overpriced snacks to watch it. Bored, I prod him, and he sort of glances over.


"Wanna have a go at earning that twenty bucks?"

He gives me a huge grin, looking way too enthusiastic about this. "Hell yeah."

"On your knees then," I giggle.

"I'm not getting kicked out, man," he says, prodding me.

"Aw, but where's the sense of fun in just leaning over?" I grin. Also, you're much less likely to do your back in if you just deal with it and kneel on the floor. Trust me, leaning over those chair arms is fucking murder.

"I get another twenty if I get on my knees. Deal?"

I laugh, "'Kay."

"We're so getting kicked out," he mumbles, getting on his knees in front of me. I open my legs a bit to give him more room and undo my pants.

"No we're not. I've never been kicked out for this before, I don't intend to be now," I smile.

He sort of arches an eyebrow at me, "Y'know what, I'm not even gonna ask," he says, going down on me. When I don't make any noise, he sucks harder, and I gotta admit, he wasn't lying when he said he'd be good at giving head. Doesn't mean I'm gonna fucking moan. He keeps going, this sort of determined look on his face, from what I can see, and I bite my lip, holding back the tiny moan that nearly got out.

And for that, he sucks a little bit harder. A tiny little baby of a moan slips out, just at the same time as some explosion or something shakes the speakers and I pray he didn't hear over it, just on principle.

Unfortunately for me, he laughs, and judging by that laugh, he did hear it. And the look in his eye says he's totally willing to stop at that. I thread my fingers in his hair, trying to get him to keep going, but he starts pulling back. I let out a quiet whine and he chuckles, pulling back completely.

"I made you moan, I get my money," he smirks at me and I play with his hair a little.

"But you look so sexy on your knees like that," I giggle.

"I know I do," he says, staying where he is.

"C'mon, man. At least finish me off."

"Why should I?"

"Because... I'll give you the best blowjob you'll ever have?" he thinks about it for a long time. Long enough for me to seriously consider finishing myself off.

"Deal," he says at last, going down on me again. 


The End

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