Hadley: FloodgatesMature

Mom dragged me to the mall, after smiling and getting a little teary when she had to help me get my shoes on. I felt a little embarrassed by it but if it made her happy I guess I could deal with it. We went for a coffee first and Mom started reminiscing about my childhood. I just smiled and nodded. She took another trip down memory lane when we walked past a skating store with a pretty sexy board in the window.

“Remember when you used to skate?” Mom asked.

Of course I remembered. It was a yearlong phase not long after I gave up on learning guitar. Mom and Dad spent so much on skating stuff just to keep me happy and they weren’t exactly pleased when a year later I’d given up on it entirely.

“Kinda hard to forget, Mom. I almost broke my arm, remember?”

She smiled. I knew that smile. It was the ‘I’m going to buy this even though I don’t need it’ smile. I shook my head and dragged her off somewhere I could sit down. Mom sort of remembered then that I’d been stabbed less than a week ago and probably shouldn’t be walking around so much. We ended up at another cafe but only I got a coffee this time.

“Hadley, what is it you see in Maxxie?” Mom asked, trying her best to be polite about it.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, what is it about him that made you like him?”


“That’s not really an answer”
“It’s the truth, though”

She smiled. “Am I going to get an equally vague answer if I ask why you said yes when you’ve only been going out for three months?”

“Probably” I giggled. “How did you feel before Dad proposed?”

“I felt like he was the one”

I smiled at her. “Which was exactly how I felt about Maxxie”

 She smiled back, apparently content with this answer. “So, when were you thinking about tying the knot?”

“I hadn’t even thought about it yet and I don’t think Maxxie has either. There hasn’t really been much time to think about stuff like that yet considering what’s happened in the last week”

She nodded. “Are you gonna do it here and get a domestic partnership?”

I shook my head. I didn’t care if Maxxie was happy with that, I wanted a proper wedding. Well, as proper as I could get. I mean, sure when we got back to California it’d only count as a domestic partnership but as long as I knew we were married, I could deal with that. “I was thinking maybe New Jersey”

“What are his parents like?”

“They’re... interesting. I wouldn’t count on them being there if I were you”

I could she was itching to ask why but thankfully she didn’t ask, watching instead as I took a sip of my coffee. I sank back into my chair a little and thought about what she’d asked me. Why did I say yes? Because I love him more than anything, for a start. That and I’m terrified of losing him.  As for when and where; I’m thinking when I can stand up for more than ten minutes might be a good time. I’m not too sure where gay marriage is legal aside from New Jersey but I guess a summer wedding there could be quite nice since there’d be a lot of flowers.

“We need to get you a suit. No doubt you’ll have to have it made custom, just like we had to for prom” Mom said, her eyes already starting to well up.

“I can’t help being so short. The tall genes skipped me completely”

Mom reached over the table and sort of messed with my hair. “We can go do it today, if you want”

I chuckled. “Maybe not when I’m at risk of bleeding on any they make me try on”

I took hold of her hand and her bottom lip quivered. Oh no. She pulled my hand over towards her so she could look at my ring and her bottom lip quivered again.

“It’s a little plain, isn’t it?” she asked with a sniffle. Why does everyone keep saying that?

“I like it”

She smiled at me, letting her bottom lip quiver once more before the floodgates opened. She shuffled over to me and wrapped me in another smothering hug and I patted her on the back, not really sure what to do.

The End

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