Maxxie: Cooking for DummiesMature

I'm not keen on leaving Hadley alone with his mum, but to be honest, if it stops me and her being at each other's throats, I think I can live with it. And in the mean time while I let them talk things out or whatever in my apartment, I can go find a cook book for idiots and some stuff so I can prove to her I'm not totally worthless.

"Is it actually true Baby got stabbed?" are the words I'm greeted with as I walk into Brent's store for said cook book.

"As true as my broken wrist," I nod, looking around for the cookery stuff.

"Got a little something going on with your shirt, kiddo," he says, noticing that I didn't really put it on properly. Or really bother doing it up.

"And that would be the broken collar bone," I smile a little.

"Need a hand?"

"If you're really that bothered by it," I chuckle. It's not like I really care. I just figured the world might not want to see my yellowy/purpley torso so much. I mean, sure it's not as obvious anymore, but that might just be that I'm used to it. He tuts and sorts out my shirt for me.

"Cheers," I smile, "anyways, I didn't come in here to have you fuss over me, I'm looking for a cook book. Preferably one for people that are a disaster in the kitchen." He wanders off and gets me a copy of Cooking for Dummies. I giggle, wondering if even this might prove a failure.

"That good enough for you?" he smiles.

"I'd probably still need someone to help me. I just don't want it to be Hadley's mum," I laugh.

"Did you tell her about you and Hadley yet?"

"By accident, when we were arguing over whose fault it was that he got stabbed." He laughs at that.

"How'd she take it?" How d'you think?

"Not brilliantly, but there you go. She hates me anyways."

"Don't take it personally; she hates everyone that gets close to her kids."

"Well, maybe if I stop feeding him takeout food, it might be a step in the right direction," I smile slightly, looking in the book. It doesn't look too hard...

"She'll love you forever if you give her grandchildren."

"Good one. I'm not so sure she'd appreciate adopted kids quite as much." Not to mention that I'd rather put up with her not liking me than having kids.

"Baby's bi, right?"

"Yeah..." I don't think I like where this is going.

"So couldn't he just fuck some chick til her eggo's preggo?" trust you to be blunt, Brent. I feel myself shudder a little and pretend to look really interested in a recipe. "Or like jizz in a cup and do it that way?"

"Could do, but I can't really see me being a good dad, can you? And anyways, that's not me giving her grandkids, that's Hadley giving her grandkids."

"Fine, you jizz in the cup then."

I shrug a little. "Either way, I'm not gonna bring a kid into the world, just because it might make Hadley's mum a bit nicer towards me. I've got enough of a challenge just trying to learn how to cook. Which, by the way, I was hoping you could help me with while Hadley and Momma Smith have their heart to heart, or whatever the fuck it is they're doing."

"I can help you with cakes and pastries but that's it, mi amigo."

"I'd go ask Cay, but I'm gonna take a wild guess at that ‘back in five minutes' note still being on his door," I say as casually as possible, doing my best to not be suspicious or imply that I think he knows exactly where Cay's fucked off to.

"All I know is he told me he wasn't coming in for a while," he shrugs. "Anyway, I'll help you as much as I can." He smiles and I thank him, asking him where I should start.


The End

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