Jake: BruisedMature

Okay, so I really didn't feel happy when Cayden left. Although I don't know what happened during the recent discussion we had. I mean when I said I cared about him I meant it and I knew that the drug story was a lie but I couldn't help but almost panic when he brought it up. Wait a sec.... Oh Shit! I was falling for the guy. I mean how the hell can that happen in the space of three days? Seriously? How does that really work.

So when El arrived all bruised up I was actually relieved for the distraction. Not that I was happy he was hurt I mean he had a nasty looking black eye and a bruised jaw. He hadn't even bothered to take ibruprofen or try stop the swelling which I did all for him. Although even in his condition he still managed to get me pinned down on the floor. Well, better get it where I can since Cayden's sort of less willing.

I didn't mean for it to lead to him tagging along with me to the bar. Neither did I want to see Cayden walking up with Taylor at his side. At the moment I realised I was beginning to get jealous I put the flame out. I could deal with this mild attraction.... I think. I mean I've never had to deal with an attraction which meant keeping myself away from the person they always came to me. "Hey" I mumbled.

"Hey, dudes" El jumps in all free spirited and happy. Mate, you have a black eye and a bruised jaw and you still can remain chipper.

"Whoa, what happened to you?" Taylor gasped staring at the bruises. I held back a glare of annoyance. I mean come on its pretty obvious he's been beat up. Although I had asked earlier what had happened I'd done it after making sure he was okay.

"Family battle" El says with a shrug then taking another swig of beer. Okay, I'm getting worried at his alcohol in take. He's already had three beers and we've been here 20 minutes. I shake my head and Cayden comes pats him on the back.

"I feel your pain, bro" He says.

"Thanks" El says taking another swig of beer. I think I frowned a bit more. I mean wouldn't you if someone you knew began drinking a hell of alot after a beat up with some one from his family. Its just my luck though that Taylor decides to notice.

"Why the frowny face, mister?" He asks.

"Nothing" I mumble looking away. Actually I just didn't feel like answering to the guy standing right next to someone I think I've fallen for. Taylor looks slightly upset at my answer and Cayden chooses that moment to put his arm round his waist. I hold back a wince but I'm sure my jaw clenches for a second before settling.

"What're you drinking?" Cayden asks Taylor.

"Beer, thanks" He mumbles back.

"I'll pay if everyone's up for shots" I jump in a bit annoyed by the fact Taylor is still slightly frowning at me. Dude, I get the hint now please stop looking at me all upset.

"I'm up for it!" El jumps in and I can't help but let a smile slip onto my face.

"Go for it" Cayden says and Taylor just nods. I grab the bartenders attention ordering three beers and 4 shots. I'm not ordering another beer for El and I have to stop him taking one of the three which he pouts at.

"What are we drinking to?" Cayden asks.

"No idea" I mumble.

"How about fucked up family life?" El says seeming a little to happy about his comment. I mean why the hell would we drink to that? But it seems Cayden's fine with it cause he just smiles and repeats before we all down our shots.

"I'm going to the bathroom" I mumble and get up heading off before anyone can comment or ask about it. I go straight to the sink and splash my face with water before looking at my reflection. I need to pull myself together or I'm going to be rude to someone whose done nothing wrong and feel sad around Cayden being next to Taylor the rest of the night.

The End

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