Cayden: Good LuckMature

I trailed a finger down to his hips and he hummed, closing his eyes. I pushed my hand into his boxers and he moaned. He dug his fingers into my hips and I jerked him off a tiny bit.

"Dude, this isn’t fair" he said, gripping my hips tightly.

"This is totally fair" I slid my hand out of his boxers.

"I don't get what I want but you get to do anything to me" he pressed his hips to mine, rubbing them together.

"Sounds fair to me" I ghosted kissed up his chest.

"Totally...un...fair" he gasped out and I chuckled, sucking on his collarbone.

He moaned. "Not fair"

"Totally fair" I moved onto his neck and he slipped my boxers off.

I don’t think so, buddy. I grabbed his wrist, pinning them down.


I gave him a sly smile. "That's not how the game works"

"Uh, did I mention not fair?"

"Once or twice" I kept hold of his wrists and ghosted kisses down his chest, making him moan.

I licked a stripe up his stomach and he moaned out my name. I chuckled and climbed off him.

"Mate, what the fuck?"

I chuckled and pulled my boxers back up and wandered off to the kitchen to get a drink.

"Come on, that’s fucking unfair" he moaned, following me into the kitchen.

I smiled a little, kissed his nose and went to the bedroom to go get dressed; ignoring the glare he shot my way. He followed me into the bedroom and grabbed me, pushing me down onto the bed. I arched an eyebrow a little bit and he pulled off his trousers, kissing my collarbone. My eyebrow stayed arched and he kissed the skin above my boxers before pulling them off.

"The idea of coming in here was that I put more clothes on" I said.

"Not happening. You made me hornier. Bad idea cause I'm not satisfied now" he said, licking a stripe up my chest.

"Get used to it, that's what I do"

"I'm not getting off" he said, pushing his hips into mine and rocking them slightly.

"Y'know, I'm pretty sure this is heading towards rape" I kind of chuckled.

"Hmm, not if I can convince you before" he said, kissing my collarbone.

"You won't"

"Why not?"

"Because you won't"

He pouted. "What have you got against being submissive"

"It's not in my nature. Never has been, never will be"

He sighed. "You're a dick" he said, getting off me and slipping his boxers off.

He slipped into the en suite bathroom and I chuckled, getting dressed back into the clothes I’d had on since yesterday. He came out after a while wearing nothing but a towel.

"Thought you'd shoot out" he said.

"Figured I'd say bye first"

"Hmm. You know the offer still stands on you having the spare bedroom"


"Guess it’s still a 'no'?"

"Yep. I've been here like three days and I haven't spent any time with my sister yet and if I'm staying with them, it makes it easier for her to pester me" I smiled.

"Well, if you fancy actually living somewhere the offer stands. Its shit living on my own" he said, leaning against the wall. "I guess I should get dressed"

He walked over to the wardrobe.

"You make it sound like I've come here to stay"

"Well, I have no idea do I but it seems like America holds some big shit for you and your trying to escape it"

"As much as I love being back here, there's no way I'd stay"

"Too bad, I'm going travelling in a while. I might have given the place to you"

I chuckled. "Maybe I'll use it as a holiday home when Summer Downturn make millions from our comeback"

"Nope, I'm either selling it to someone now or renting it out... I think renting would be a good idea"

"You'd make more money that way in the long run”

"Yeah, anyway, I think travelling will be fun. Care to join me when I go?" he asked, winking.

"Depends where you're going"

"No idea, Maybe Belgium or Greece or Italy. Haven't decided" he smirked. "Interested?"

"I fucked an Italian once. Didn't speak a word of English but he gave me one of those 'visit Italy' flyers. Could be kind of nice, I guess"

"I'll hold you to it" Jake laughed and I prodded him.

"I never said yes"

"You did basically mate" he smirked.

"I'll think about it"

"Aww, come on, mate, I need a travel buddy" he pouted.

"All my money's in a safe deposit box back in the States and no one even knows I'm here. I'll think about it"

"Mate, I'm offering to take you travelling round the world expenses paid. So sure, think about it" he smiled and I smiled back, figuring I could try and have some fun with him.

"You're offering to pay for my drugs? Thanks, man, that's really kind"

"Dude, who said I'd take you to a druggie"

"Don't talk about my dealer like that, he's a nice guy. Wife, kids and a dog. That kinda guy"

He laughed. "I'm saying in other countries dude"

"But how am I s'posed to get my heroin?"

He rolled his eyes. "How much you take?"

"I've lost track. That's why I trust my dealer; he's got it all in his head"

Jake shook his head. "Mate, you should quit the drugs"

"Why?" I chuckled. Man, I love being able to lie so well.

"They'll kill you"

"They haven't yet"

"They will, though. Don't you care?"

I tried not to laugh. "Not really. It'll be a fun ride while it lasts"

"Dude, I care. If you die then I'd have to find someone else"

I arched an eyebrow. Find someone else? "Meaning?"

"What do you mean, meaning? Means I care dude I don't just fuck and leave like some" he raised an eyebrow and I hummed kind of sadly.

"Some like me?"

"Well, you seem to do that. Although you haven’t gotten away with it on me"

"Consider yourself lucky, you made it to a second fuck. Not many people get that"

"Hmm, I'm gonna make it to a third I hope but be in charge"

"Dude, not gonna happen"

"Fine, but I'm gonna continue to try. I'll focus on the third fuck though" he winked and I laughed.

"Good luck to you"

"Thank you" he smirked slightly.

"Anyway, I'll see you around"

"See ya, mate. Oh and come to the club again tonight if you can"

I smirked. "Maybe"

"I'll be hurt if you ain’t" he said, pretending to act shocked.

I laughed. "Whatever, man. Later" I said and left. I wonder if Taylor’s still at Ava’s...

The End

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