Cayden: SpongebobMature

That guy at the wedding, I think his name was Bryce... He was a pretty good fuck considering he was straight. Sure it was a bit awkward when his boss walked in but at least he got to keep his job, no thanks to me and a sneaky blowjob. I saw him for a bit after but like all my relationships, it didn’t work out because I went and fucked someone else.

I sat on Jake’s couch once I finished my waffles and turned the TV on. Let me guess, you thought I’d be polite and ask if I could watch TV. Wrong, mi amigo. I flicked through the channels, finding news show after news show til I hit the jackpot; Spongebob Squarepants. I got comfy on the couch and smiled a little like I always do when Spongebob’s on. Jake walked into the room, stopped and laughed. Dude, shush, Spongebob’s on.

"Dude, thats a kids show"


"Nothing. I think that’s cute" he said, ruffling my hair. "I'm having a shower"

"'Kay" I said, not taking my eyes off the screen. Don’t judge, it was the episode when Spongebob gets stuck in Rock Bottom and... Yeah, I’m gonna be an adult and not start fangirling over it.

"Do you want one?"

I shook my head. "I'll have one when I get back to Ava's"

"Fine" he took his t-shirt off and threw it at me.

Since when did people start bothering with t-shirts after sex? I was sat there in just my boxers and he’s lucky I even put those on. I flashed him a look that said ‘do you mind?’ cause, y’know, I was watching Spongebob.

"No I don’t" he smirked.

I shook my head and chuckled, going back to Spongebob.

"Dude! You suck, seriously"

I groaned. "Whaaat?"

"Are you really that addicted to a kids show to not understand what I'm saying?"

"I understand you perfectly. But Spongebob's on, and I love Spongebob"

He glared, grabbing the TV remote and pausing the show. "Look problem solved for the next few minutes"he said, raising an eyebrow.

I whined.

"Dude, seriously. You could record every Spongebob and still have space for some other cheesy kids show"

"Dude, call my little bro. He'll have a shower with you, he likes stuff like that"

"I don't want a shower with your little bro. Thats weird when I've been sleeping with you"

"Well you're not getting one with me, action man"

"Fine. Who says it has to happen in a shower?" he smirked.

"It can happen right here if you let me watch Spongebob"

"Dude, I'm not playing Spongebob at the same time"

"Why not? Could be an enjoyable experience"

He raised an eyebrow. "Fine"

He handed me the remote, chuckling as I put Spongebob back on and grinned.

He straddled my hips and kissed me but I was kind of distracted as I kissed back.

"Dude, seriously. I'll pause it again" he said, kissing my jaw.

I whined. "Pause it and I'm going back to my sister's"

"Dude, you suck... in fact no. my job" he smirked, pulling back my boxers.

He went down on me and I tangled my fingers in his hair, moaning. Sure I kept watching Spongebob as well but that doesn’t really matter. I turned my gaze to him once I came to see what he’d do. Turns out he’s a swallower. Good.

"Dude your lame” he said once he came back up.

"How am I lame?"

"I give you a bj and you watch Spongebob?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"That's generally how things work" I smirked a little and he kissed me.

"I could fuck you and you'd still watch Spongebob"

I laughed. "I don't love Spongebob that much"

"Hmm, too bad I was hoping I could get away with it"

"Only two people ever have and I'm not intending on making it three"

"Why not, dude?"

"I'm not submissive enough for it"

"Come one, pwease" he kissed my neck and palmed me a little.

"In your dreams, action man"

"Then can’t it be my dreams" he pouted.

"Nope. Even if I wanted to, I'd end up fucking you instead" Like when that guy tied me down cause he was into bondage and all that shit and I still managed to fuck him instead of him fucking me.

"I have handcuffs" Jake smirked.

"I've gotten out of handcuffs before. Proper handcuffs as well, not just sex toy ones"

"If you looked at them you'd realise they were real ones"

"You a cop or something?"

"Tried to be"

"Good thing you're not. I don't fuck cops. Or firemen"

He laughed and kissed me. "Pwease"


He glared and pinned my hands down.

"What are you doing?"

"Why do you get to fuck me but not the other way round?"

"Because I said so"

"Why are you in charge?" he pouted. "I'd like the chance"

"It's just who I am. I don't give in to anyone"

Jake sighed and let go of my hands but stayed sat on my lap. "Spongebob's over and I'm horny"

I held up his hand. "Jake's hand, meet Jake's dick" I said, putting his hand in his crotch.

"Dude, not what I meant"

I arched an eyebrow and he kissed me passionately, moving his hand to my crotch. He palmed me, sort of pushing his hips into mine as well. Can’t say anyone’s ever done that before. I bit my lip.

"Oh, maybe I shouldn’t” he said.

"Depends what you were gonna do"

"Well I don't have your consent for what I wanna do"

He kept palming me and rubbed his hips against mine a little. I moaned a tiny bit and he pulled away a little bit.

"Too bad"

I flipped us over so I was on top of Jake and he raised an eyebrow at me.

"What? You said you were horny" I smirked.

He smirked right back. "That I did"

The End

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