Coming to America was probably the best thing I'd done in a while. Meeting the shoot manager made me believe that. He was a cheerful guy who immediately began chatting away to me, and showing me around. Then when I was set up, he got all the models to come in. There were three guys and two girls. They all lined up in front of me with their dressing gowns on. The guys were all tall and tanned with blonde or black hair, while the women were smaller and not as tanned. One of them was thin and blonde and kept shooting looks at one of the guys. The other was a porcelain skinned woman with big brown eyes and curly brown hair. She seemed quiet but had a small smile that tweaked up the edges of her big red lips. She seemed out of place in a model shoot.

"Hey everyone, I'm Chase. So I want a couple of shots from the guys, a couple of the girls, and then some group ones. I'll start with the group."

The shoot was going well. I got the group photo's done in record time and the boys photos were looking good. Next it was the girls. The blonde girl had a slight pout and kept swishing her hair around. Eventually I just made her sit down and stay still. She wasn't very happy. She kept picking at her outfits. The other girl was completely ready to take instruction, and just let me arrange her. She stood, leaning on one of the white blocks around with her hand on her hip.

"Ok, that's beautiful, keep doing that." The blonde woman swished her hair again. "Excuse me, what is your name?"


"Well Penny, if you could just stop swishing your hair, and fidgeting, that would be helpful."

"Sorry, when did you become the leader of my life?"

"Since I'm the one taking your photo. Now will you please just stop fussing and just let me take your photo?" She pulled a face and then settled back in to the stance she had been in before. The other girl's lips twitched in that smile again, and I looked away, smiling too.

A few photos later and we were finished.

"Thank you everyone, you've been fabulous." The models started to trail off to get changed while I swung myself in to a chair in front of my laptop. The pictures were already on there, so I flipped though them and began to choose the best ones to email the company with. I stopped on a picture of the two women. Penny's face was pulled up haughtily, but the woman with the deep brown eyes had that adorable small smile on her face. I smiled.

"That's a nice one. You're very talented." I looked around to see the brunette.

"Thanks. You're very photogenic."

"Thanks." She leaned over my shoulder to look at the laptop. "Wow, how did you learn how to do that?"

"What, take photos?"

"Take them like that."

"I've always taken photos since I was little. I guess I always loved doing it."

"I can tell."

"So, how did you get in to modelling?"

"I need the money. I'm setting up a small dance studio down town and I need the money for all the mirrors and things."

"Ah I see. Well, if you ever need some posters or photos, you can always get me to do them. I've always wanted to take photos of dancers."

"I'd love that." I gave her my card. "So, can I use this number for anything else?"

"Like what?"

"Like, asking whether you want to go for a drink?" I looked up to see that small smile on her face again.

"Well, I'm free in ten minutes. We can go then if you'd like."

"I'd like that."


The End

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