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As mind-blowing and needed as the sex was, it kind of hurt. Every now and then I’d knock one of my bruises and even though Maxxie took it slowly, it hurt my stab wound a little. I sank into the pillow once we were done, finding it a little harder to recover. Maxxie looked a little worried at how long it was taking me and I stroked his cheek. He cuddled me carefully, no doubt convinced fucking was a bad idea and I huggled him tightly. He kissed me and I kissed back.

"I love you, Maxxie"

"I love you too, Hadley" he smiled.

I smiled back and he played with my hair.

"I wasn't too rough, was I?"

I shook my head. So what if I was lying a little. Maxxie didn’t look entirely convinced and I kissed his nose.

"Don't worry about it"

He sighed a little, settling on just huggling me.

"I mean it, Maxxie. You weren't too rough"

He kissed me slowly and I kissed back equally as slow. He snuggled up to me and I sort of fell asleep.


I woke up and smiled without realising it. I only realised when Maxxie smiled back.

“What time is it?” I asked sleepily.

“No idea”

“Time for dinner?” I giggled.

"If you're hungry" he nodded, "what d'you wanna eat?"

I hummed. "I don't mind"



He kissed me and went off to attempt to make it. I stayed in bed for a while but it’s boring in there on your own. I managed to get out of bed by myself with little trouble but it was a little more difficult getting a pair of boxers on. I tried to grab the ones that were on the floor but I couldn’t pick them up, even though I was using my feet so I didn’t have to bend over. In the end I got a clean pair from the dresser and wandered out to watch Maxxie. He hadn’t thought to put anything on and I admired his ass from the couch while he cooked. Hey, I’m allowed to be a perv sometimes. Just as I was enjoying the view, he came over with my iron pills.

"Do I need to take them? I've got entirely new blood now thanks to whoever donated it"

He nodded, sitting with me. "For my sanity, Bunny"

"I thought your sanity was wrecked already" I giggled and he smiled.

"Then you'll help me salvage what's left, won't you?"

"If I have to" I smiled back.

He put a pill in his mouth and I giggled before he kissed me. I took the pill out of his mouth and swallowed it as I kissed back. He smiled.

"S'pose I should try to get dressed now, huh?"

"If you want" I said with a tiny smirk and he giggled.

"Not really. I was thinking a shower together would be better*

I smiled and he took my hand.

"Shall we?"

I giggled. "Sure you wouldn't prefer giving me a sponge bath?"

"Well it's up to you" he chuckled and I pretended to think about it.

"I'd prefer the shower"

He led me to the shower and I grinned a little. What can I say? I like showers with Maxxie. He helped me wash first, kissing me. I kissed back and washed his back and chest, unable to do anymore since bending wasn’t really an option for me. He did the rest himself as best as he could and I cuddled his waist. He hugged me gently and I rested my head on his chest. He kissed the top of my head and I moved my hands down to his ass. He smirked a little and copied me, making me giggled. His finger “slipped” a little and I let out a sort of squeak in surprise. He giggled and I blushed. He kissed me, humming as I kissed back and I rubbed circles into his hips. His finger “slipped” again, a little slower this time and I bit my lip. He pressed his forehead to mine, pulling his finger out and I giggled.

"I never said stop"

He smiled, sucked his finger a little and pushed it back in. I let out a baby of a moan and he finger fucked me kind of slowly. I moaned a hell of a lot more than I’d have liked and I felt myself blush at each one. Maxxie kept going, kneeling down and sucking me off. I tangled my fingers in his hair and soon enough he was swallowing, coming back up for a kiss. I kissed back kind of hard and he matched it.

"I feel selfish now"

"Don't" he smiled.

I felt a thoughtful look creep onto my face and Maxxie looked a little bit curious.

"Help me get down"

He did and I smiled before going down on him. He moaned and I teased him a little, enjoying the groan it elicited. I giggled and kissed his dick as he threaded his fingers through my hair. I went down on him again, swallowing as he half gasped, half moaned out “Fuck”.

I grinned and Maxxie helped me up, sensing my inability to propel myself upwards.

"Thanks" I said, blushing a tiny bit.

He kissed me with a smile and I hummed. "What would I do without you?"

"Be stuck on your knees?" he giggled.

I prodded him a little and smiled. He kissed my nose and I shut my eyes, humming as he cuddled me.

"Y'know, one day we're gonna end up having sex in here" I chuckled.


"Something tells me you wouldn't til my stitches are out"

He smiled. "Got it in one, gorgeous"


"I'm sure we can manage with the bed or sofa til then"

I giggled at that. At least he’s not too bothered about fucking the stab victim.

"And if I'm honest, I probably couldn't manage it even if you could. Still got a ways to go til I'm all healed up" he didn’t sound too impressed with this and I can’t say I blamed him.

"Stop taking your sling off, then"

He pouted. "Doc said it was okay so long as I didn’t try lifting my arm and stuff"

“Don’t do that, then” I said, kissing his nose.

He promised not to with a smile and I smiled back.

“I think the lasagne might be burnt"

He nodded. "Might be worth rescuing"

He turned the water off and we got out. He dried himself off and helped me when I didn’t get very far. I winced a tiny bit when he dried off my stomach.

"Shit, sorry"

I smiled. "It's okay" It didn’t hurt that much anyway.

He bit his lip and kept going, a little more carefully. He knelt down to dry my legs and I played with his hair a little. He kissed the stretch of skin between my hips and I giggled. He laughed softly and I let out a tiny gasp as he kissed a little lower. He stood back up and I smiled.

"I love you"

"I love you too, gorgeous" he smiled back and I kissed him softly.

He matched it and I hummed.

"Better go check the carnage in the oven, huh?"

He nodded and shuffled out of the bathroom to no doubt try and save the lasagne. I wandered out after a while and eased myself onto the couch, watching him. This should be amusing.

The End

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