Jake: BreakfastMature

I woke up with a groan and realised that sometime in the night I had wrapped my arm round Cayden's waist. I slowly pulled it away not wanting to wake him cause seriously... he looked a lot more tasty when he was asleep. I pulled the covers back slightly and let a finger trail down his chest to his waist where I stopped. I sighed and sat up pulling on some tracksuit bottoms.

What was it with Cayden last night? He seemed so.... sort of frightened and angry when he wasn't the one in charge. I shook my head and got up moving into the kitchen. Okay, I'm gonna make sure he stays today. Well, at least long enough to ask why he was so weirded out last night. I begin frying the bacon and sausages. Its just as there almost finishing up that Cayden decides to make an apperance. "Don't be affended if I say that looks gross" He mutters leaning back against the kitchen side.

I laugh as I serve it up. "Why do you think that?" I ask smirking.

"Look at it! It's like, "Hi, I'm some meat. Hi, I'm some more meat. Oh look, bread!" Cayden says shaking his head at the sandwich. I laugh. Seriously, mate, how the hell is that a bad sandwich.

"Well, I can cook up some beans and egg?" I say turning to face him leaning back on the kitchen side with a smirk on my lips.

"No way, action man, I want something decent to eat" He says shaking his head. When did I become action man? I mean its not like the nickname suits or doesn't suits but I don't get how it came about. Oh well, doesn't really matter does it? I might as well focus on the fact I HAVE a nickname.

"What do you want then?" I say still smirking. Come on, dude, your so picky so actually tell me what you want. Cayden hums thinking up something. He's gonna think up something simple.

"Waffles with maple syrup" He says with a smile. I laugh spinning round back to the counter.

"Coming up. Heat up or from scratch?" I ask.

"From scratch, dude" Cayden says.

"Mate, your evil" I mumble shaking my head. I begin to grab together the ingredients. I pull out the waffle iron which seriously has slight dust on from the long space of non-use. Cayden decide this moment to chuckle.

"What's so hard about making waffles?" He asks raising an eyebrow.

"I haven't made them in ages. Not since university where I always had batter ready in the fridge" I say beginning to weigh out the ingredients. Cayden clearly rolled his eyes as he walked over.

"Move, I'll make them"

"No, dude, my house" I say laughing.

"Hurry up then, bitch. I'm hungry" He says laughing slightly at the end. Mate, so not cool. I mumble 'dick' before carrying on with the waffle making.


I place the plates down at the table and before I've had chance to Cayden takes a bite and mumbles through his food, "Mine are better"

I laugh. "Stop complaining" I tell him before taking a bite. Whats wrong with my waffles. Seriously they're quite nice, if I do say so myself.

"Should've let me make them. My waffles are like sex on a plate" Cayden says. I hold back a small laugh at that.

"Have you have sex on a plate?" I say, slightly as a joke.

"Quite a few actually" he says with a nod. Okay, thats slightly weird. Wouldn't that hurt I mean... come on! I cover my slight uncomfortable attitude with a laugh.

"I think that's weird"

"Don't judge. I was at a wedding and he was clearing away the tables" Cayden says and I can see the slight smile this memory brings about. I raise an eyebrow at this a bit impressed yet shocked. Can this guy get off with anyone?

"Dude, you had sex on plates at a wedding?" I say my eyebrow still raised at this fact.

"Yeah. They were on the table, we were on the table..." He says seeming to find this discussing amusing.

"Okay, don't need to know anymore" I say shaking my head.

The End

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