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I don't like being made to sit on the floor in my own apartment. Sure, I agree, the host should make the effort for his guests, but let's face it: Momma Smith is hardly a welcome guest.

While I'm eating, Hadley tries to get my attention without alerting Momma. I turn, finishing my lunch and pretending to see if Hadley's done with his yet. He kind of tries to lean forward to whisper something in my ear, but when he doesn't quite make it, I kneel, taking his plate.

"I'm getting rid of her," he whispers. I peck him on the cheek and go take our plates into the kitchen to wash up. I glance over to see him yawning.

"You tired, honey?" Momma asks him.

"Nope," he replies, yawning again.

"Go to bed, Hadley," she says softly.

"M'not tired."

"Then what's with the yawning?" I ask, drying my hands, "I'll just go put some clean sheets on the bed," I smile, going into the bedroom to uh... change the sheets. He shuffles in a few minutes after, with a little help from his mum, and I fold back the duvet for him. He gets into the bed and looks so sleepy that if I didn't know better, I'd think it was for real.

"See you later, Mom."

"You just worry about getting yourself better," she smiles and Hadley pretends to go to sleep. I smile at her and show her out of the room, shutting the door behind me.

"Well, thanks for helping out."

 "Remember what I said earlier. I meant it."

"Yeah, I guessed. Your family isn't one to make empty threats."

"Glad we're on the same page."

"Look, if I love the guy enough to want to spend the rest of my life with him, I'm not gonna hurt him, am I."

"I'm just looking out for my son."

"I know," I smile, "anyways, I better get some sleep too, so I can be awake when he is to help him out."

"Call me if he needs anything."

"I will, thanks," I promise her, hoping that she gets the hint and goes soon. She gives me a teeny, tiny little glare, either not believing that I'll call her if we need her help, or picking up on my desire for her to go.

"I'll let myself out."

"Thanks again, Mrs Smith," I call after her. Well you can't say I don't try. She doesn't say anything to me, leaving us in peace at last. I wait a moment or two to make sure she's not gonna come back for something the moment I'm in bed with Hadley, before letting myself back into the bedroom with a grin. I slip off my oh-so-sexy sling and crawl onto the bed next to him, kissing his jaw.

"Hello, gorgeous," he says, opening his eyes.

"I was beginning to get the feeling she was gonna hang around til you woke up," I mumble into his skin as I keep kissing along his jaw, right up to his lips. He kisses back and I smile.

"She probably would." I laugh slightly, peeling the duvet back off him. I gotta admit that now she's gone and I'm remembering how he can hardly stand up on his own for more than a couple of minutes, I'm beginning to wonder if this is a good idea. I can wait, or I can have a wank while I give him a blow job, but maybe full on sex isn't such a good idea right now.

He giggles and I bite my lip a little.


"Just wondering," I murmur as I kiss his neck softly, "if this is a good idea so soon after you get out."

"Depends what you were planning on doing," he giggles again.

"I believe I told you what I was planning on doing," I chuckle, earning a grin from him.

"So do it."

"I don't want to hurt you," I mumble, sliding my good hand under his shirt carefully to pull it up.

"Tell you what; if it starts hurting, I'll let you know and we'll stop. Deal?" I hum in agreement, nodding as I get his shirt off as carefully as I pulled it up. He kisses me and I kiss back harder, trying to unbutton my shirt with my good hand and not fall onto him at the same time. He runs a hand through my hair and apparently notices that I'm not having much luck with the buttons on my shirt. He does it for me and I chuckle, pecking him on the lips as I pull it off. He kisses back as I get his pants off and he undoes the button on my jeans. I palm him smiling as he moans. I wriggle out of my jeans, keeping up my teasing.

He continues to moan and I hum, cutting it off with a kiss, though I don't let up. He bites his lip a little and I smile, tugging down his boxers. He kisses me again and I wrap my hand around his member, jerking him off a tiny little bit. He bites down on his lip again, trying to hold back the moan that I can practically taste just hiding behind his teeth. I keep doing it in little bursts, just to tease him and a tiny moan escapes from him as I reach over for the lube.

I waste very little time lubing myself up and stretching him, smiling as he wriggles a little, impatience sparking in his eyes. I slide into him slowly, trying not to moan myself, as I set up a comfortably slow speed.


The End

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