Cayden: The Slut WorldMature

I sat with Taylor at the bar, waiting for Jake and El to show up. I don’t know why but Jake seemed to have something against Taylor. It was a little awkward to say the least. I bought Taylor another beer and watched as he took a swig. I heard someone cough behind me and looked round to see Jake and El. Jake was wearing pretty much entirely black, all of it a little on the rock-ish side, and had slightly darker, spiked up hair. It was a bit of a shock. As for El... Well, you could guess he was in a band.

"Whoa, when did that happen?" I asked Jake, a little shocked by the seemingly sudden change.

Jake laughed. "Hmm, from when I was twelve to nineteen and only gone at it again recently" he smirked.

"Looks good"

"Yeah, mate. Suits you" Taylor smiled.

“Thanks" Okay, why did that sound kind of...? Nah, it’s probably just me.

"I'll fetch some drinks. Beer?" El asked and Jake nodded.

El wandered off and I resisted the urge to arch an eyebrow. Where was he going? Weren’t me and Taylor like sat right at the bar?

“Hey, I’m just gonna go pee” Taylor whispered to me and went off to the bathroom.

Jake sat next to me. "You seem less tense round him" he said and looked over in the general direction El had gone.

"Do I? Can't say I'd noticed"


"What about you and El, huh?"

"I don't know.... he's nice but it’s more of him thinking just about my looks. We haven’t talked at all"

I smirked a little. "I knew there was something going on"

"Yeah... I don't feel comfortable with the way it’s heading though"

"Why not?"

"I don't know... I felt more comfortable with you then I do with him and that’s even when you were focusing on your past" he said, pushing a hand through his hair.

"You shouldn't feel more comfortable with me; I'm not built for relationships. I rarely fuck the same guy twice"

Jake looked at me. "Will I be able to change that?" he smirked. "I fancy a challenge”

"You can try" I laughed.

"Hmm, I would try now but it not only you and me here"

"I wouldn't say that" I smirked a little.

He leant in and kissed me, putting a hand on my thigh pretty close to my crotch as I kissed back. He sort of forced me against the bar and I chuckled. He pulled back all of a sudden.

"I'm not a slut so can we take this somewhere more private?"

"What about El and Taylor?"

"Well if you look, El's making out with another guy and I have no idea where Taylor is. And don’t really care right now" he said, kissing my neck. Why do they always go for the neck?

I felt concern for Taylor flicker through me. If I fuck off with Jake, who’s a) gonna buy him drinks and b) gonna help him home if he’s too drunk to walk?

"Come on we don't even have to leave the club" Jake said, trying to persuade me.

"I guess"

"Hmm, well where would be appropriate. I'm stuck on somewhere which doesn’t involve leaving the club"

"Well, even though you say you're not a slut, there's always the bathroom"

Jake laughed. "I guess I could go that far" he stood up, pulling me with him.

I lead him to the bathroom and into one of the stalls and he shut the door, kissing me again. He pushed me so I was sat on the toilet, which thankfully had the seat down, and straddled my hips. I gripped his hips and kissed back. He hummed and grinded his hips into mine. I moaned and squeezed his hips a little. He undid my jeans and I bit my lip as I watched him. He slid his hand into my boxers and jerked me off a little. He smirked, sliding my jeans and boxers down and went down on me. And fuck, considering he was new to this, he wasn’t half bad. Once he was done I shoved him against the door, giving him the same treatment except, judging by the moaning, I was doing a much better job.

"Fuck" he gasped out as he came.

I swallowed it all, smirking and coming back up for a kiss. He kissed back, still a little out of breath and I chuckled.

"Welcome to the slut world"

"Prick" he said with a smile.

"Mmm, I know you want it, baby"

“Then why aren’t I getting it?” he smirked.

“Thought you weren’t a slut”

"Well you wouldn’t leave the club and I really need it now"

I laughed. "Tough luck, action man. Ask me again in like five minutes" I pulled my jeans and boxers up and headed back to the bar. That’s right, boys. Five minutes and I’m ready to go again.

“Dude, you suck” Jake whispered to me as we walked back to the bar.

“No, sweetie, that’s you” I whispered back. If he wants to try something with me, the guy needs to know his place.

The End

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