Hadley: No OffenceMature

Why? Why did I agree to let Mom come back to the apartment? When she said she wanted to help me I just assumed she meant help me get settled back in or something, not treat me like a little kid. I was sat on the couch, trying not to be annoyed with her and kind of wishing Maxxie come and sit with me. He came over to sit with me but Mom rushed in and stole his seat, taking up as much room as possible. He looked kind of annoyed and I held back a sigh.

"What were you doing to get stabbed anyway?" Mom asked.

"I went out. Guess I looked at the guy the wrong way or something"

Mom made a comment slyly hinting that it was Maxxie’s fault. Maxxie was sat on the floor trying to ignore it and I nudged him with my knee.

He looked up at me. "What?"

I smiled and started tracing shapes on the back of his neck.

"Hang on, if he stabbed you... Why were there bruises on your neck?" Mom asked but I was too busy tracing shapes to answer her.

Maxxie leant his head forward, exposing more of his neck and I tickled him a little. He shivered slightly and I chuckled.

"Hadley" Mom said.

"What?" I asked, annoyed.

"I asked you a question"

"We got into a fight first. So what?"

Maxxie leant back against the sofa, sitting between my knees.

"Lift up your t-shirt" was what I got instructed by Mom.


"Your t-shirt. Lift it up"

I ignored her and played with Maxxie’s hair.

"Hadley" Mom said sternly.

"No, Mom"

She leant over and pulled my t-shirt up instead. She didn’t look too impressed with the sexiness of my beaten up chest and stomach and Maxxie just looked annoyed.

"Mrs Smith, this is my apartment, and frankly, you're lucky I let you in at all. If Hadley doesn't want to lift up his shirt, then don't fucking make him, okay?"

Mom grumbled about it and Maxxie went back to being calm. I started playing with his hair again and Mom seemed to take this as a sign that there was something I wanted.

 "Can I get you anything to drink, Hadley?"

"A pepsi, maybe" We didn’t have any pepsi.

"What about you?" ‘you’ being Maxxie, of course.

"No, I'm alright, thanks" he said

Mom walked over and opened the fridge. "There isn't any pepsi, Hadley"

"No but there's a store like fifteen minutes away"

"Will you be okay on your own?"

I sighed. I’m not on my own, Mom. "Yes, Mom"

Mom left to go and get me some pepsi and Maxxie moved onto the couch. I cuddled him a bit the second he was next to me.

"Sorry about her"

He kissed me. "It's okay"

"I'll try and get rid of her"

He sighed. "She's just trying to be your mum. Don't push her away too much, eh?"

"She's acting as if you don't even exist"

"That's because she still thinks I stole her baby from her" he chuckled.

"Doesn't mean she should ignore you"

"I know, but what can I do?"

I sighed and cuddled him more. He cuddled back and I started thinking about something.

"She hasn't met Alex, has she?"

"Probably not. Why?"

"Just thinking of something"

Maxxie looked at me curiously and I cuddled him some more.

"It wouldn't work anyway"

"What wouldn't?"

"I thought maybe when I can stand up for more than five minutes we could try and convince Mom you're more amazing than she gives you credit for"

"How does Alex come into that?"

I hummed a tiny bit. He could pretend to attack me or something and Maxxie could get rid of him? "No idea"

Maxxie looked a teeny bit confused.

"Just forget about it"

He pecked me on the lips and I kissed back, snuggling.

"Can we not let her back in and pretend we fell asleep?" I giggled and he smiled.

"Could do"

I tickled his neck a little and he shivered, humming.

I giggled. "Considering I got date raped, I'm fucking horny right now"

He laughed. "I s'pose being fucked doesn't come under approved activites, though"

"It should do" I laughed. Honestly, don’t they know the song ‘Sexual Healing’?

He hummed. "I'm sure we can work around that"

"Oh yeah?" I giggled again and he grinned.

"Yeah. Well, I can try. It's been a while. I've got a lot of frustration pent up" he giggled and kissed me kind of hard.

I kissed back even harder which was exactly when Mom walked in. Apparently she’d taken a key with her. Probably mine. Maxxie pulled back sharpish and blushed a little.

“He's been out of hospital what, five minutes?" Mom said kind of coldly and Maxxie held his hands up in defeat.

Mom looked unimpressed at that and handed me a can of pepsi before putting the rest in the fridge. I frowned a tiny bit.

"Did you want one, Maxxie?" I asked cause, you know, he did kind of exist.

"No, I'm okay" he got up and went into the kitchen. "I'm gonna maaaaake..." he looked in the fridge, "panini. Either of you want one?"

"If it's not too much trouble" I smirked and Mom just ignored him.

"Hey, I can even use both arms now. Just about" Maxxie chuckled and started making what was essentially my first proper meal of the last few days.

Mom stole his seat again and Maxxie glared at her. He gave me my food and sat on the floor between my knees again. No offence, Mom, but please; fuck off.

The End

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