Maxxie: candyMature

I ended up using my own injuries as an excuse to stay overnight, telling them that codeine was fucking with my breathing. I didn't get a bed next to Hadley, but I guess it was close enough.

Not that it stopped me from sleeping in Hadley's bed with him after he'd had his morphine. He told me not to let him sleep, but to be honest, he looked so exhausted that I didn't have the heart to keep him awake.

The nurse is not impressed with us being bunched up in the same bed, however. Both of us are too tired to argue, and though I whine as she drags me back to my bed, I go back to sleep on my own pretty quick.

When I wake back up, it's because Hadley's making a fuss at the other end of the ward, winding the nurse up til I sort of stumble over.

"Hey, Maxxie," he says with a kind of grin. He's more out of it than me. I crawl into bed with him, ignoring the nurse's protests. I tell her to leave me and my fiancé alone and she backs off. Hadley cuddles me as best he can and I do likewise, trying my best to cuddle and be gentle.

"You know I luff you?"

"I luff you too," I mumble.

He smiles, "Can I have some candy?"

"Ask Caleb for some when he gets here." He laughs a little.

"When's he getting here?"

"Dunno," I tell him sleepily, snuggling as much as I dare to. He snuggles too and it's so very hard to stay awake. He plants a kiss on the top of my head, making me hum.

"You can go to sleep if you want."

"I don't wanna sleep," I murmur, "luff you too much." He giggles.

"You love me too much to sleep?" I nod. Of course I do. He prods my nose. "That's silly." I open my eyes. "Yes?" he smiles a little. I kiss him on the nose and he giggles. When he pecks me on the lips I turn it into a kiss and he hums, kissing me again. I smile, just about managing to keep my eyes open as he plays with my hair. Despite my best efforts, I'm far too sleepy and I find myself drifting off.

When I wake back up, Alex, Caleb and John are all here; Caleb's sat on Alex's lap and John's leaning against a wall. Even though I'm kinda groggy, I wonder why he didn't go get himself a chair. I'm distracted by Hadley smiling at me and I smile back. He chuckles a tiny bit.

"Thought you said this one'd have candy," he says, nodding at Caleb.

"He usually does," I mumble.

"I never exactly figured I'd need candy in a hospital," Caleb says and I giggle.

"Well you know for next time now." He arches an eyebrow.

"There's gonna be a next time?"

"Next time you visit. I don't think either of us are going anywhere any time soon." Well, Hadley isn't. And if Hadley isn't, I'm not fucking going anywhere.

"Unfortunately," Hadley mutters. I close my eyes, wishing I could've found him sooner. If I'd found him sooner, he wouldn't have to be here.

"So, you gonna have a cool scar or anything?" Caleb asks.

Hadley gives a teeny laugh, "I'll have a scar but I doubt it'll be cool."

"Well it'll certainly be a story to tell your kids. If you guys ever decide you want any, that is," Alex chuckles and I open one eye. Just because I proposed and showed a little bit of maturity, doesn't mean that I'm suddenly gonna be ready to have kids. He hums in agreement and actually looks kinda thoughtful. Oh, god, please don't be considering it. It's the morphine, Bunny. I hope.

"Not that I'd make a good dad, Alex. You seem to have forgotten that little detail."

"I don't know, you seem pretty good with Beau," John cuts in and I just give him a look that says ‘what the fuck'. Those are the easy bits. Anyone can take a kid to a park. He chuckles, "She likes being around you and you haven't killed her yet. I reckon you could manage it."

"A monkey can take a kid to a park for a couple of hours," I grumble and he chuckles again, saying no more about it.

"Why would you want kids anyway? They're horrible," Caleb says and I giggle.

"Can't be much different from knowing you." He pouts at that and turns to Alex.

"Alex, he's being mean."

"I know, babe, but... he has a point," Lex grins and Caleb just pouts more.

"Now you're being mean." Alex kisses him, but Caleb doesn't kiss back, too busy sulking. Alex whispers something in his ear that I should probably be glad I can't hear. But knowing him, it was probably some kind of sexual bribe. Caleb giggles. "I guess we can't."

"Your loss, ginger." Definitely a sexual bribe. I groan and try to not hear any more. Which fails, by the way.

"I'll just have to go find someone at a bar then, won't I?"

"Less of the flirting," I whine, "go home and have sex already."

Caleb giggles, "Well, Alex, you heard the man."

"Sounds like an order to me," he hums, kissing his neck as they stand. Caleb sort of slaps his ass and giggles as Alex pulls him up onto his back, giving him a piggyback out of the ward. Hadley laughs and John is probably a little more than weirded out.

"Are they always like that?"

"You don't wanna know," I mutter. He chuckles.

"Well, I'm glad to see you're doing okay, Hadley," he says, earning a smile from Hadley.


"I should probably get going," he mutters after a while.

"Say hi to Beau for me, if she's still with you," I tell him. He smiles.

"Will do. See ya, Hadley."

"See ya," he replies. I watch John leave, absently playing with Hadley's hair. He hums, cuddling me. I return the cuddle, hating that I have to be so careful not to hurt him more. Apparently he's had too much morphine to be in pain, and cuddles up to me more. I plant a kiss on his lips, looking forward to the day I get to take him back home.

Though I do wonder... how the fuck am I gonna look after him?



The End

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