Jake: Water HorrorsMature

As the others surf I settle for sunbathing. I pull off my wet shirt lying my head on it. I fold my arms behind my head as well letting the sun soak and dry my chest. Not sounding vain but I do have a muscular chest.
Just as I'm getting dry I hear laughter heading my way. I open my eyes to watch them walk over. Cayden prods me with his foot. "Didn't see you out there, action man" he jokes.

"Hmm, don't care" I mumble closing my eyes slightly again. El sits down next to me and wets my nose with his finger. I glare at him but he just smiles. Taylor drops his board to the sand lying down on it. For some reason Cayden remains standing. "Why are you standing, dude, you're blocking the sun?" He shrugs sitting down next to Taylor. "Thank you" I say with a cheeky smile.

"You're coming in next time" Cayden says.

"No, I'm not" I moan knowing I'm going to be given a lecture trying to get me in the water.

"Dude, you so are"

"Yeah, you can learn the basics in about five minutes. Its easy" Taylor puts in. Okay, mate, you aint helping. I don't like you at the moment already don't make it worse by trying to get me in the water.
Although I don't know why I dislike Taylor. For some reason I feel threatened by him yet have no clue why.

"You ain't getting me in the water. Land and Sky are fine but water..... never, dude" I say simply. My heart begins to clench up.

"Why not?" Taylor persists. Okay, dude. Not cool and you asked for this. I take a deep breath, the clench on my heart getting tighter as I prepare myself for the truth I'm about to speak.

".....Both my parents drowned" I whisper. Silence desends and I open my eyes to look at everyone. Slight look of shock and horror is on El's face, slight guilt and shock on Taylor's who also looks uncomfortable and then slight shock on Cayden's. I close my eyes again. "Is this conversation over?" I say the clench on my heart so painful I think I might break down.

"Yeah" Cayden mutters quietly. I release a heavy sigh and I think they all felt the pain held in it. Slowly Taylor speaks as well. "Sorry, mate"

"Just forget about it. Its fucked up" I mutter trying to keep the tension out my voice which works this time. Both Cayden and Taylor don't speak. What are you two? Twins?!?

"Uh, how about we get smoothies?" El jumps in. Thank you, gorgeous.

"That would be nice" I get up grabbing my shirt off the sand from beneath my head I tuck part in my trouser waist band and help El up. As soon as he's standing I pull him to me wrapping an arm round his waist. I totally avoid looking at Taylor and only have small fleeting looks at Cayden. They remain sat and I hesitate with El before he says, "Guess we'll be see you"

He then slips his hand in mine and begins leading me off. I remain silent the whole trip and we fetch smoothies before returning to my house. El places them on the coffee table before pulling me to the sofa and snuggling up on to my lap. Its comfort and I find myself burying my face in his neck with my arms round him.

The End

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