Cayden: You SuckMature

Taylor eventually stopped hugging me enough to actually get dressed and inform me we were going surfing and that I could borrow a pair of his boardshorts. Taylor’s house was a little further from the beach than I’d have liked but at least he seemed to be a walking kinda guy like me. He chattered away for the entire walk as well. He kind of reminded me of Maxxie, Hadley and Caleb rolled in to one but with something else hidden in there. We’d barely been at the beach for five minutes when I saw Jake go past with some guy. So naturally me and Taylor went to say hi.

"Oh hey" Jake said.

"Whose this?" the guy with him asked.

"Oh... Uh, this is Cayden... He's a... friend"

"Yo. Looks like you made some friends after all" I smirked a little.

"Uh.. I wouldn’t say friend... He's in the band I joined, we only met yesterday" Jake said and the guy smirked at him.

I smiled a little and Jake clearly wanted to change the subject.

"Who’s this?" he asked, gesturing at Taylor.

"Hi, I'm Taylor" he smiled, holding his hand out for Jake and this other guy to shake.

The other guy shook his hand but Jake didn’t. The guy seemed kinda tense.

"You okay, man?" I asked.

"Yeah, sorry. Nice to meet you, Taylor" he said, still not shaking Taylor’s hand, nodding at him instead.

Taylor pulled his hand back and looked a little upset.

"Don't think I caught your name" I said to the other guy.

"Oh, I'm El" he smiled and I smiled back.

"Nice to meet you, dude"

*"Nice to meet you too. How'd you meet Jake?"

"I don’t think that’s relevant" Jake jumped in and I arched an eyebrow.

"We met in a bar"

"Oh" El smirked at Jake. "So this is my competition"

He said it jokingly but Jake tensed up, putting on a fake smile and shaking his head. "We're friends nothing more..."

I nodded and it was silent for a while. Totally not awkward at all...

"Um, well we're going to a bar tonight, we could meet up. Jake’s got better clothes for then" El said.

"Sure" I said and Taylor nodded.

"Yeah" Jake muttered, sounding a little unsure.

It was silent again and this time it was Taylor who spoke up.

"You guys wanna come surfing?"

"Yeah, that will be awesome" El said.

"I don’t surf and you won’t get me in water unless you bribe me" Jake said.

"Ah, c'mon, spoil sport" I said and he smiled.

"No" he smiled again as El whispered something in his ear. "I'm getting that anyway"

Taylor laughed and El pouted, turning to him. "I'll surf anyway. Mardy can stay on the side lines"

Jake pulled a fake hurt look. "How am I mardy?"

"You're a spoil sport"

"Says the guy who has to go at it twice in the space of 10 hours" Jake smirked and I sort of laughed.

"There's a time and a place, dude"

"He started it" Jake laughed and El pouted. "Don't pout, it ain’t attractive" El pouted some more and Jake quickly bit El’s bottom lip.

"Ouch" El complained but stopped pouting.

Taylor looked like he was a little awkward with it all. "Um, so, yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and just..." he gestured at the sea.

"I'll join you" El followed him.

"C'mon, it'll be fun" I said to Jake, sort of as a last attempt.

"I thought I told you bribe me or force me" Jake smirked.

I laughed. "You asked for it" I picked him up bridal style and carried him over to the water.

"Mate this isn't cool. I've not even got a the right clothing” he said, kicking me a little.

El looked on a little jealously.

"Who cares if you have the right clothes? Rent a board and a wetsuit and get out on the waves, man" I said, dropping him in the water.

"Fuck you dude"

He tackled my waist, knocking the both of us in the water and I laughed.

“Look who's in the water"

"Mate, you’re a dick" he shoved my head under the water and stepped back onto the beach. "You’re lucky I changed from my new clothes and shoes"

I laughed again. "Surfboard, wetsuit, now. We're already waiting" With that, I grabbed my board and paddled out to where El and Taylor were.

"Not going!" Jake shouted as I paddled out.

"Dude, you suck"

"Yeah I do" he was probably smirking.

"Wetsuit, now" I shouted back to him before going off and enjoying the waves, seeing him lie down on the beach.

Dude, you actually suck.

The End

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