May: Night outMature

"Are you sure this is okay, Elisa?" I ask looking in the mirror as I put in the blud stone earings that hang from the hook. The guy from the cafe had called turned out his name was Adam.

"Of course. You need to have a life" She says as she feeds Aisling. I smile at her then run over to kiss the top of Aisling's head before heading out the door grabbing my bag off the side. I walk towards the club slowly taking deep, slow breaths. I'm wearing tight blue jeans with a butterfly buckle belt. Then I'm wearing a shirt that from beneath the bust is seethrough fabric, the long sleeves are seethrough fabric.

I arrive at the club seeing the cue and I'm about to wait for Adam so we can get in this line when... "May! Over here" I turn to see Adam standing next to the bodyguard almost like there best mates and cant help but stare for a few seconds. I shake my head then walk over. The bodyguard lets me through the barrier and I see a few glares but I forget that when Adam puts his hand on the lower part of my back guiding me in. "I'm glad you came" he whispers in to my ear.

"Well, like I said. I should make some friends" I say with a smirk. He smiles shaking his head. I'm about to head into the crowd when Adam stops my catching my hand. I turn to look at him confused and see his smiles gone cheeky.

"This way" He says and drags me to a set of stairs which has a bodyguard posted at. He doesnt stop Adam as he pulls me up the stairs to the VIP balcony. In fact he nods to him with a smile. I find myself beginning to frown and when we get to the balcony all I can do is stare.

It has a curving sofa which is like a semi circle and focuses on the lit up circular table. Then on the table was already two cocktails. Adam pulled my hand trying to lead me to sit down but I stopped and he looked back at me confused. Slowly he smiled. "Let me guess. You didn't expect this?"

I shook my head then smiled. "What are you the owner?" I said actually joking.

"Yes" he laughed. I froze then shook my head mumbling 'unbelievable'. He smiled and pulled me over to the sofa. Before I could protest I was pulled into his lap and he handed me a cocktail. I looked at it then sighed before taking a sip. Adam got his and even with me on his lap was able to have a drink I tried to get out of his lap but he stopped me. He put both our drinks on the table. Then he leaned close to me ear. "I didnt invite you here to just be friends, May"

I swallow nervous. He leant back and slowly leant in giving me time to pull away but I didn't. I allowed his lips to press to mine. It was soft at first but then it became passionate. Before it became to much I pulled away looking away from him. My breathing was heavy and scattered.

"You okay?" He whispers nuzzling my neck.

"Yeah... just I dont like rushing in to anything" I mutter. His face goes thoughtful and then he nods.

"Okay.... want to dance?" he asked. I looked at him and nodded, smiling.

The End

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