Jake: Dating... with a '?'Mature

I woke up without a headache.... which was a blessing. But then El mumbled as he rolled over. Last night hit me like a cold slap in the face and I felt my eye widen. I take a deep breath and its that moment El rolls onto his back. Slowly his eyes open and he sees me and smiles crawling over to lie on my chest straddling my waist a bit. "Ollie and Max aren't gonna be happy" He mumbles kissing the hickeys on my neck. I count five which hell is impressive.

"Why might that be?" I ask gripping his chin so I can see his face and he bites his lip seeming less arrogant than less night although he was a bit drunk.

"Cause I promised not to sleep with anymore band members... thats how we lost the last one" He says giggling at the memory. I chuckle as well which I end up moaning cause it makes El's hips rub mine. El raises his eyebrow. "Your not angry?"

"No, mate. I'm gay and not dating anyone why would I be angry?" As I speak his eyes widen then when I'm finished he attacks his lips with mine. I'm shocked at first but settle into it allowing my arms to wrap round his waist. Finally El pulls away leaving us gasping out of breath.

"I thought you weren't because you know... your... uh performance" He mutters but still smiling and I shake my head at him.

"You're the second guy I've slept with. I only came out gay resently" I say with a shrug. "Why are you smiling?"

"Cause I wont get in trouble and... uh if you'd like we could... you know get to know each other better" At this point he looks away blushing.

"Dating?" I mumble and he nods smiling. He lets a finger trail down my torso.

"Please gorgeous" He whispers in my ear.

"I suppose it wouldnt hurt" I mutter then his lips attack mine again. Then I feel his fingers begin to stretch me.... and fuck he was good.

The End

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