Cayden: That's WeirdMature


If I told you Taylor didn’t spark my curiosity, I’d be lying. How can a chick hit on another chick and say she’s being straight? Quite a few drinks later we headed back to her place and ended up making out on the couch for the better part of an hour. Which was when the clothes starting coming off. Well, Taylor’s clothes, anyway.

She slipped off the jacket she’d been wearing and I have to say, she didn’t have much of a figure without it. She smiled and shoved her hand into her bra... Okay, that’s weird. She pulled something out and all of a sudden her already small boobs were gone. She unbuttoned her shirt and I felt my eyes widen a little as she slipped it off, revealing what was definitely a guy’s chest and some pretty impressive guns. How the fuck did she/he? hide those?

Taylor giggled and slipped an arm round my waist. I pulled back and... Well, let’s just say Taylor looked upset. I watched as she/he slid off her skirt. Apparently he/she was wearing boxers. I’m gonna guess he’s a guy, then. He hugged my waist again after pulling off a wig and revealing a head of shoulder-length messy black hair. I hugged back as he kissed my neck, biting gently at the skin.
“Bedroom?” I suggested a little breathlessly and he nodded, leading me to the bedroom.

He sat on the bed and pulled me over, making me stand between his knees as he undid my jeans. I kissed the top of his head and he started unbuttoning my shirt, taking his sweet time doing so. I wasn’t used to it and I was getting a little impatient. He smiled a little once I was in my boxers and he pulled me onto the bed. I went to put my hands on his hips but he didn’t let me, shuffling up to the top of the bed and pulling the comforter over himself.

“Getting in or what?” he asked and I arched an eyebrow, crawling under the comforter with him.

He hummed, hugging my waist and nuzzling my neck a little. Well this is... unexpected. I hugged him back, enjoying the warmth and security of a cuddle with no expectations, and soon enough the two of us were asleep.


I woke up the next morning still cuddling Taylor. He stirred a little and his eyes flicked open, bright shining blue in colour. He smiled and cuddled me a little tighter, kissing my nose. We stayed like that for at least an hour before Taylor decided he wanted some breakfast and disappeared off to the kitchen. I followed him, intending on making myself a cup of coffee.
“You walk like a girl” I said without realising it and he laughed. “So, if you’re a guy, how come you were dressed like a girl?”
He shrugged, getting a bowl of cereal and eating it without milk. “I’m a little stuck for money right now and I wanted a drink. I’ve learnt you get more free ones if you’re a chick”
He pulled me over to the couch before I had a chance to even ask about my coffee. He shoved me down gently and sat on my lap, offering me a spoonful of cereal. I shook my head and he shrugged again, shoving the spoon in his mouth.
“People generally have milk with cereal” I smirked.
“Give me some cash and I’ll go buy some, then”

I squeezed his waist a little and he hummed, finishing up his breakfast. He put his bowl on the floor and shifted around to face me, pecking me on the lips. As much as all this reminded me of Maxxie, it was...  kind of nice.

The End

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